Alex Rider is a web television series based on the novel series of the same name, with author Anthony Horowitz as an executive producer. Its first season premiered on Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom on June 4, 2020. In the United States, IMDb TV will broadcast the series, starting on November 13.[1]

The series has been renewed for a second season, set to begin production later in 2020.[2]

Story details

The storyline follows the general settings of the books, however, some details vary from the book, with the series effectively starting from the Point Blanc book but including a slightly modified backstory including the death of Ian Rider. Individual seasons will cover a single novel.

The show is set in a modern timeline with an older Alex Rider. This can be seen in Episode One where Jack and Tom can be seen using iPhones and attending a house party.


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Drama producer Eleventh Hour Films (EHF) has optioned the Anthony Horowitz books and will make the series,

July 24, 2018 – Sony Pictures Television’s (SPT) International Production and Worldwide Distribution divisions have joined forces to greenlight an eight-episode young-adult drama series based on Anthony Horowitz’s Alex Rider novels, from Eleventh Hour Films (EHF).

The adaptation, penned by screenwriter Guy Burt, begins with the second book in the series, Point Blanc. EHF’s Eve Gutierrez and Jill Green will executive produce the TV series alongside Horowitz and Burt.

The TV series will skew older than the novels, which target teen boys, and will be presented as event dramas for family audiences.

Horowitz said that screenwriter Burt “is cleverly expanding the characters whilst staying true to the spirit of the original novels to ensure that the series will appeal to both loyal fans and a new generation of viewers.”

Andreas Prochaska has signed on to direct and executive produce the upcoming TV series. Prochaska will direct the first four episodes which will be based on Point Blanc.

On April 23, 2019 it was announced that Otto Farrant would be playing the lead role[3].


Promotional media


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Alex Rider - Official Trailer


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