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The series that has reinvented the spy genre

—Alex Rider (series) review

The Alex Rider novels are a series of books about the adventures of reluctant teenage spy Alex Rider, written by award winning British author Anthony Horowitz. They are told in third person narrative, but one of the short stories is told in Alex's first person point of view. Currently, the series consists of four short stories, eleven novels, and one spin-off.


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So far the series is comprised of eleven novels focused on Alex Rider's adventures in the world of espionage. In chronological order.

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Enemy: Herod/Darrius Sayle (See main article)

Point Blanc

Enemy: Dr Grief (See main article)

Skeleton Key

Enemy: General Alexei Sarov  (See main article)

Eagle Strike

Enemy:Damian Cray (See main article)


Enemy: Julia Rothman (See main article)

Ark Angel

Enemy: Nikolei Drevin (See main article)

Snake Head

Enemy: Winston Yu(See main article)

Crocodile Tears

Enemy: Desmond McCain(See main article)

Scorpia Rising

Enemy: Abdul-Aziz Al-Rahim(See main article)

Russian Roulette

Enemy: Vladimir Sharkovsky(See main article)

A spin-off novel on assassian Yassen Gregorovich's life.

Never Say Die

Enemy: Giovanni and Eduardo Grimaldi(See main article)


These books are not part of the Alex Rider series. Rather, they go deeper into each of Alex's adventures, such as gadgets or information not given in the canon novels.

Alex Rider: The Mission Files

(See main article)

Alex Rider: The Gadgets

(See main article)

Other Works

Short Stories

(See main article)

Several short stories written by Anthony Horowitz have been released in other publications such as the Sunday Times.

Graphic Novels

(See main article)

It has been planned that each novel will have a corresponding graphic novel.


(See main article)

The Stormbreaker film (dubbed "Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker" in North America) was based on the original Alex Rider series' first novel: Stormbreaker.

Video Game

(See main article)

The video game was based on the movie adaptation of "Stormbreaker."

TV Series

(See main article)

An Amazon Prime web television series that adapts the Alex Rider book series.


Some miscellaneous things about the series.


The Alex Rider series is categorized as spy-fiction and thriller for "espionage elements" and "exciting situations."

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