Alex Rider
Biographical Information
Name Alex Rider
Alias Alex Rider


Kevin Blake (movie only)

Title --
DOB February 13,[1] 1987
Age 15
Physical Information
Status Active
Nationality British
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown
Skin Caucasian
Relationship Information
Family John Rider (father); Helen Rider (mother); Ian Rider (uncle)
Affiliations Jack Starbright (friend); MI6 (employer)
Occupation Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance Stormbreaker
Last Appearance Stormbreaker

Alex Rider is the main character of the Stormbreaker movie, based on the popular Alex Rider series of novels by British author Anthony Horowitz.

He was played in the film by Alex Pettyfer.[2]

Behind the Scenes

In the 2006 Stormbreaker film directed by Geoffrey Sax, Alex Rider is played by Alex Pettyfer, a rising British actor. Pettyfer was chosen from 500 hopefuls for the role of Alex.

Anthony Horowitz, who was the scriptwriter for the film as well as the author of the novels, recommended Pettyfer to play Alex Rider after seeing him in Tom Brown's Schooldays. Horowitz gave Pettyfer intense guidance on becoming the character of Alex Rider, expressing him and bringing his athletic talents, intellect and charm to the screen.

The role of Alex Rider was said to be the most physically demanding ever taken by a child actor. Pettyfer undertook martial arts training with Hong Kong martial arts choreographer Donnie Yen, as well as horseback riding. Pettyfer did most of his own stunts in the film, and underwent major physical preparation for the role.

Pettyfer was fifteen years old at the time of the film's shooting, just one year older than his character.


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