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Suggest a Did You Know to appear on the front page here.

Suggest a DYK


What is a DYK? A DYK (Did You Know) is a miscellaneous fact that will be displayed on the Did You Know...? box on the front page.

Can I suggest a DYK?

Of course you can! The FAQ below explains how to do so.

How do I suggest a DYK?

Leave a message on the talk page of this article under the heading (that's already there) that says "Suggestions."

The suggestion format is as follows:

  • In heading 3, type something short containing the word "suggestion" (ex. "New suggestion")
  • Under that, the fact in a simple sentence
  • Add a source, you must be able to prove your suggestion to be a fact
  • Don't forget to sign your suggestion!

How are DYK's selected?

A DYK will appear on the front page if it appeals to one or more of the admins, or if enough members recommend it.