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Alex Rider is media franchise created by British author Anthony Horowitz about a teenage spy named Alex Rider. It comprises novels, graphic novels, short stories, and has also been adapted into a film, television series, and video game.

The main book series contains a total of thirteen novels, beginning with Stormbreaker, which was published in September 2000. The most recent novel in the series is 2020's Nightshade. A film adaptation of the first novel, also called Stormbreaker, became available in 2006, directed by Geoffrey Sax, and starring Alex Pettyfer as Alex Rider.

An Alex Rider television series premiered on Amazon Prime Video in the United Kingdom on 4 June 2020. In the United States, IMDb TV will broadcast the series, starting on November 13. It has been renewed for a second season.

Alex Rider - Amazon series
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The Alex Rider web television series was adapted by Guy Burt and stars Otto Farrant as the eponymous character, who is recruited by a subdivision of MI6 as a teenage spy to infiltrate places that others are unable to.

The series follows the general settings of the books, but with some details that vary. It effectively starts from the Point Blanc book, but includes a slightly modified backstory, set in a modern timeline with an older Alex Rider.

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Did You Know?
  • ...Tulip Jones has a cat named Q, presumably referring to the gadget expert from the James Bond series?
  • ...Michael J. Roscoe was the ninth or tenth richest person in the world prior to his death in Point Blanc?
  • ...the stylized matte-black ninja symbol, named Omni, is the logo of Damian Cray's Gameslayer gaming system?
  • ...Alex Rider's birthday is February 13, 1987?
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There are two types of pain Alex,. Physical and emotional.
Abdul-Aziz al-Razim to Alexander Rider
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