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Anan Sukit. He works for Major Yu. One of his lieutenants, you might say. Very high up. Very dangerous

—Ash describing Sukit to Alex Rider

Anan Sukit is a minor antagonist in Snakehead. He is the head of the Bangkok Snakehead, owned by Major Winston Yu.

Role in Series


Sukit first meets Alex Rider while he and Ash are undercover as Afghan refugees, trying obtain the Snakehead's help in illegaly immigrating to Australia. Sukit, however, is aware that Alex is undercover, having been warned by Winston Yu. Sukit ordered that Alex was to retrieve the fake passports they needed from the Snakehead.

When Alex goes to collect the papers, he was kidnapped by Sukit's men and taken to fight in an arena. Alex, cheating, defeated his opponent in the fight, a man named Sunthorn. The gamblers, who had all bet on Sunthorn, were enraged, leading Sukit to attack Alex. However, Ben Daniels, shoots out the lights, giving Alex a chance to flee the arena.

Later when Alex attempts to escape from the arena in a swamp boat, Sukit approaches him with a gun. Just before he shoots Alex, Ben Daniels shoots Sukit in the back three times, killing him.

Physical Appearance

Sukit is described as a short Asian man who wears a strange mixture between a suit and combat clothes. He is bald and unshaven, resulting in him having thin black stubble on the top and bottom of his head. He also has no eyebrows, Alex wondering whether his skin is too thick and his face too pock-marked for it to grow. Sukit has a wide mouth, with almost as many gaps as teeth, and one of his distinctive features is that he has no ears, as they were cut off during a deal which was ambushed by a rival Bangkok gang.


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