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One day our great-grandchildren will walk on the moon. And they will remember that that it all began with Ark Angel. It all began here

—Nikolei Drevin giving a speech regarding Ark Angel

The Ark Angel Space Hotel was the first proposed and partially-constructed space hotel. It appeared in the novel Ark Angel.[1]


Nikolei Drevin initiated the project and with help from the British government had partially constructed the space hotel. His dreams of being the first in space tourism were shattered however when the project was suddenly way over budget and began to fall apart.[1]

Hoping to solve the problem, settle a score with the Americans, and stop the project without losing face, Drevin planned to blow the hotel out of space and crash-land the flaming wreckage on Washington D.C. His plans were foiled, however, by Alex Rider.[1]

During the events of the novel, Alex goes to the hotel to fight Kaspar. He is stabbed to death and Alex relocates the bomb so that when it exploded, it will merely terminate Ark Angel.

(See Ark Angel for more information)


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