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Arrash is a minor antagonist and a clone impersonating a student at Point Blanc Academy.


As one of Dr. Greif's clones, Arrash interacted with his fellow clones, particularly Sasha, as siblings, and saw Dr. Greif as his father. He was surgically altered by Dr. Baxter to appear like the real Arrash so that he could effectively impersonate Arrash and inherit Arrash's parents' empire. However, as a clone, he was never quite right, which earned him the distrust and revulsion of the non-clones. He took immense pleasure when James was replaced with a fellow clone, making the non-clones the "minority", the "odd ones out".

Role in Series

Season One

Arrash plays ping pong with Sasha

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Arrash is constantly with Sasha, eating in concert with her, playing ping pong in disconcerting synchronization with her, and generally mirroring her actions. He shows possessive jealousy when Sasha suggests that Alex is physically fit, and when the non-clones began to balk at the unusual activities at Point Blanc, he worked with Sasha and Eva Stellenbosch to keep their locations pinned down. Eventually, Arrash was captured by MI6 and the real Arrash was set free.