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Assassin is the seventh episode of the second series of Alex Rider, and the fifteenth episode overall.


In order to escape Amsterdam and deliver vital evidence to The Department, Alex needs Jack’s help- putting her career in jeopardy. But with the President’s touchdown in the UK already underway, is Alex too late to stop Cray?


After running into Alex previously, Damian questions Alex on why he is at the building. Alex refuses to tell him anything, however, even when he is threatened. Damian locks the two away in a room in hopes that this will convince them to tell him their motives.

Believing that Damian's head of security is a suspect — due to evidence planted by Yassen — MI6 name him a suspect and detain him, but they quickly believe that they have been fooled.

Jack, however, is contracting at the London branch of Craystar, and recieves a call from Tom who is worried about Alex given he hasn't heard from him in a while. Tom asks Jack to create a distraction, which Jack does by sending a fake email revealing that the release of the second variation of Feathered Serpent has been cancelled. When Evelyn — whose laptop was used to send the email — realises, she suggests a live broadcast wherein Damian resolves the rumours.

Alex, Kyra, and Tom are successfully able to break out of the office with the code and return to London. They had the code to Mrs. Jones. Upon arriving at his house, however, he recieves a call from Damian who wants his property back. He reveals that Yassen kidnapped Sabina earlier but he is willing to trade for his property.