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Marc Damon: We work for ASIS. The Australian Secret Ingelligence Service
Alex Rider: Special Operations?
Marc Damon: Covert Action. The two are more or less the same. You could say we're the rough equivalent of the outfit Alan Blunt runs in London

—Marc Damon explains ASIS to Jack Starbright and Alex Rider

The Australian Secret Intelligence Service (or ASIS) is an organization that appeared in the novel Snakehead.


The ASIS is akin to MI6 or the CIA. It is a part of the Australian Intelleigence Community along with the ONA, ASIO, DIO, DSD and DIGO. Although each agency has distinct roles and functions, collectively they work together to meet Australia's broad-ranging intelligence and security needs. Strong communication between agencies, and a coordinated approach to intelligence activities, ensures the best use of Australia's intelligence resources.

It's main offices are reportedly in Canberra, Australia.


The ASIS was established in 1952 as a collector of foreign intelligence, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region. According to their website, the formation of this group was kept secret for twenty years. Not even the Australian Government was aware of this organization. It was first publicly acknowledged in 1977. Today, ASIS is a part of the Foreign Affairs portfolio and is responsible to the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Covert Action Division

The Covert Action Division (CAD) of the ASIS is lead by Ethan Brooke and seconded by Marc Damon. Not many people know this division exists, and they strive to keep it that way, as secrecy is crutial to their success. It is never stated whether or not the CAD actually exists, but in most probability it doesn't or it would contradict their need for clandestine activity.


  • Ethan Brooke (Head)
  • Marc Damon (Second In Command)
  • Anthony Sean Howell (Ex-agent)

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