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Ayisha is a minor character and a brief love interest of Alex Rider.


Alex Rider frequently sought to go to the parties she was attending, although he usually became tongue-tied anytime he actually tried to speak with her. After the death of his uncle, Ian Rider, Ayisha left well-wish letters for Alex, and began inviting him to spend time together. However, when his clone met Ayisha, he spoke cruel and twisted words to her that left her greatly offended, to the point where she actively slapped the real Alex in the face when next she saw him.

Role in Series

Season One

Ayisha has little active involvement in the events of the series beyond Alex's fixation with her. Although she invited him to hang out with her more following his uncle's death, Alex was unable to do so due to his obligations to MI6. After the MI6 raid on Point Blanc Academy, one of Dr. Greif's clones escaped — the doppelgänger of Alex himself. The clone went to Alex's school, hoping to find a way to exact his vengeance against Alex for the destruction of his home and family. While searching Ayisha came up to the clone and offered her well-wishes, so the clone took the opportunity to grievously insult Ayisha, sabotaging Alex's nascent relationship with her. Enraged, she later found and slapped Alex, and hasn't spoken to him since.