Bill Tanner


You should have thought of the consequences before you took on the snakehead

—Bill Tanner

Dr. Bill Tanner is a minor antagonist in Snakehead. He works for Major Winston Yu, the main antagonist of the novel.

Appearance and Disposition

Tanner works as a doctor at the compound where Major Yu sends Alex Rider to have his organs removed. He seems friendly to Alex, but lets him know of his horrendous fate and tells him of the many hazards of escaping the compound. He has a strong Australian accent.

Role in Series


Charleen is one of Tanner's assistants at the compound, and she brings Alex to Tanner where he introduces himself. He then explains the various security measures that the medical facility has, which Alex uses to his advantage in order to escape.

After Alex manages to escape from the compound at night by riding down white water rapids, Tanner tries to have Alex recaptured but fails. Apparently, Tanner commits suicide because he did not want to receive a horrific punishment from Major Yu.


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