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What can I tell you about Boris Nikita Kiriyenko? He has been my closest and dearest friend for more than fifty years! It is strange to think that I can still remember him as a child who teased animals, who cried when there was a fight and who never told the truth. It is even harder to believe this is the same man who has been entrusted with the privilege, the sacred honour of leading our great country in these difficult times.

General Sarov's slightly embittered toast to Kiriyenko

Boris Nikita Kiriyenko is the President of Russia in the novel Skeleton Key.[1]

Personality and Appearance

He is described as a weak man, often being drunk. He has a weakness for women, and is seen playing with three half-naked girls in a pool. He has been described as being half-drunk at all times and stupid.[2] Alex noted that it is hard to imagine this small and insignificant man being the head of such a huge country. He is only seen in flowered shirts. He states with pride he drank his first vodka at age 12.[1][2]

Role in Series

Skeleton Key

In Skeleton Key, he arrives at the Casa del Oro, promptly gets drunk, and gives a rigged interview.[1] He is last seen sedated by Sarov after he drinks spiked vodka. He is insulted by Sarov at dinner as being weak and stupid. He takes this in jest, though.

Sarov's plan involves Kiriyenko, who during the rigged interview, says in reply to what he thinks of a Moscow train strike, "I'm on vacation. I'm too busy too deal with that." Sarov planned to edit it so the question is, "What are you going to do about Murmansk?" To which he will reply, "I'm on vacation. I'm too busy to deal with that."[1]

It is mentioned after the events in Murmansk that there was talk of a medal, but Alex declines.[1]

In Ark Angel, it is mentioned that Nikolei Drevin met him before.