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Brookland is a comprehensive school appearing in most of the books. Brookland is a mixed comprehensive half a mile north of Chelsea. At the time of the novels Brookland is about ten years old, and prides itself on its modern architecture with double-height windows and primary colours. At the same time, it is said to have an old-fashioned friendly feel . All students wear uniforms of blue and grey. The school motto is pergo et perago which is Latin for I try and I achieve.



The Headmaster is Henry Bray, whilst the school secretary is called Jane Bedfordshire, who is said to have a soft spot for Alex Rider.

List of Staff

  • Henry Bray (Headmaster)
  • Jane Bedfordshire (Secretary)
  • Charlie Grey (Humanities)
  •  Mr Wiseman (PE)
  • Grant Donovan (Head of Maths)
  • Bernie Lee (Caretaker)
  • Mrs Morant (Physics)


Alex Rider and Tom Harris are two of the most prominent students mentioned to attend this school.

Precesnce in Novels


After the death of Ian Rider in Stormbreaker, Alex becomes involved in MI6, his school life being disrupted due to him being away on missions. The excuse the school always receives for his absence is that Alex is ill, which is frustrating for Alex at times as he struggles to adapt to his double life with little to no support. It is mentiond that some kids think that Alex is either insane or a criminal due to his repeated absences. Tom Harris doesn't believe this, but he also believes he isn't sick, "because no one's that sick." Many of the teachers, upon receiving the first note, were not surprised because they always thought he was a little spoiled by Ian. Alex is in Year 10.

Point Blanc

In the beginning of Point Blanc, Alex Rider is recovering the schoolwork that he missed. He is infuriated by Skoda, the drug dealer because of what he does to the pupils at Brookland. At the end of the book, Alex is lured to Brookland by Julius Grief in an attempt to kill him. He impersonates Headmaster Henry Bray and tries to shoot Alex before chasing him through the corridors of the science block. Unfortunately, a stray bullet ruptures a Bunsen burner and subsequently causes a gas explosion and fire that destroys the entire science block, and repairs are not completed until Crocodile Tears at the very least.

Scorpia Rising

In the novel Scorpia Rising, a sniper positions himself in a construction building opposite the school and takes shots at Alex's class. They miss Alex, hitting the wall, his desk, and fellow student Tom Harris. The class responds slowly, throwing themselves to the ground the moment the shock wore off. The teacher of the class responds by pulling the fire alarm. The attack was revealed to have been orchestrated by Alan Blunt.