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The place is a school- a very good as it happens, so you won't even need to miss any of your studies. It's called the Cairo International College of Arts and Education, although the students just refer to it as CC, or Cairo College. It's for boys and girls, aged thirteen to eighteen, and there's a junior school to. Many of their parents are working in the Middle East. Some of them are high profile; some of them are very rich

—Alan Blunt describes the Cairo International College of Arts and Education while trying to persuade him to go

The Cairo International College of Arts and Education (also called just "Cairo College") is a wealthy school in Cairo, Egypt. It appears in the Alex Rider novel Scorpia Rising.[1]


The college is halfway down a wide, tree-lined avenue. It is a modern complex, and Alex Rider thought it even looked a bit like his own school, Brookland Comprehensive. It was a five-minute walk from his apartment during his mission. The walls are painted yellow, with a scattering of sand around the building and exotic plants sprouting around it. Designed for the hallways to be light and airy, different passageways opened into courtyards with benches and tables grouped together under wooden canopies for an enjoyable lunchtime.[1]

Junior and Senior Schools

A junior school is contained in a single block of the college next to an "Olympic-sized" swimming pool. It houses around one hundred pupils aged eight to thirteen. The larger building is the senior school for the three hundred or so children older than the juniors.[1]



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