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Cassian James (14). American, fair hair, brown eyes. Mother: Jill, studio chief in Hollywod. Parents divorced. Loud voice. Swears a lot. Plays jazz piano. Expelled from three schools. Various drug offences - sent to PB after smuggling arrest but won't talk about it now. One of the kids who beat up James. Stronger than he looks

—Alex Rider's description of Cassian James to MI6

Cassian James appeared as a minor character in the novel Point Blanc.


He's American and has fair hair and brown eyes. His mother, Jill, is a studio chief in Hollywood. His parents are divorced. He writes poetry, and plays jazz on the piano. He was expelled from six schools. He was sent to Point Blanc Academy after smuggling drugs. Cassian tells jokes and Alex Rider views him as popular.


  • Anthony Horowitz may have based this character on his own son (e.g. name and mother).


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