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The Alex Rider series of books is perhaps most notable for its list of memorably despicable enemies, from villains to henchmen. Listed here are the primary and secondary opponents of every story.

Primary enemies

Story Villain Endgame Outcome Eventual fate
Stormbreaker Herod Sayle

Take revenge on the British Prime Minister (who bullied him in school) and the entire country with an "April Fool's Joke": when the Prime Minister activates the 'Stormbreaker' computers , a potent strain of smallpox will be released into every school in the country, killing all the children

Alex Rider shoots and sabotages the 'Stormbreaker' before it can be activated First shot and wounded by Alex Rider, then killed by Yassen Gregorovich
Point Blanc Dr. Hugo Grief

First cloned 16 copies of himself in South Africa in the 1980's, then employs Baxter to surgically alter his 14-year-old clones to resemble them. The clones and real boys will eventually be swapped. When the parents die and pass on their inheritance, he will take the assets from the clones and become the most powerful man in the world, allowing him to reinstate apartheid globally. 

MI6 captures the clones and jails them all. Incinerated by a snowmobile that Alex Rider crashes into his helicopter.
Eagle Strike Sir Damian Cray

Hijack Air Force One and use its missile room to fire nuclear missiles at major drug-running countries to eradicate the drug trade 

Sabina Pleasure initiates the self-destruct mechanism Thrown off Air Force One, and sucked into engine number 2
Snakehead Major Winston Yu

Use 'Royal Blue' to create an artificial tsunami that will kill the celebrities attending an Australian conference; the resulting shockwave will hit the coast of Australia

Alex Rider overrides the security mechanism on 'Royal Blue' and prematurely detonates it

Skeleton shatters when the bomb's shockwave hits his escape vessel
SCORPIA Julia Rothman Break the US-UK link by intentionally demanding that America pay SCORPIA a ridiculous amount; if they do not, a hot air balloon covered in satellite dishes would take to the air above London and activate Invisible Sword, killing thousands of children who have been injected with poisonous nanoshells. The satellite dishes would transmit terahertz beams that would cause the nanoshells to break out of their casing and release the poison into every childs' body, causing instant death. Alex Rider hijacks the hot air balloon, destroying the machinery and causing the basket to crash Crushed by the falling balloon
Crocodile Tears
Skeleton Key Gen. Alexei Sarov Attempts to drop a nuclear bomb in a shipyard of nuclear submarines, thus causing a massive explosion. Russia will be blamed and they will turn to their president. Sarov will then release edited footage from an interview exposing Kiriyenko as a lazy drunk idiot who says he can't deal with the issue; this will force him out of power and he will eventually be found dead due to heart failure. Russia will go back to communism, and Sarov will be taking over. Alex Rider removes the detonation keycard from the nuclear device and throws it into the ocean Commits suicide when he finds out Rider refuses to be his adopted son
Ark Angel
SCORPIA Rising Abdul Aziz al Rahim Use Alex  to blackmail the British government into returning the Elgin Marbles to Greece. As part of Operation Horseman, Razim would proceed to gather evidence to prove that Alex had been working for MI6 for the past year. He accurately speculates that the British government would immediately release the marbles back to Greece, as Razim would otherwise publicly reveal the contents of the Horseman file, ruining Great Britain's reputation around the world for generations to come.

Secondary enemies

Story Villain Endgame Outcome Eventual fate
Stormbreaker Nadia Vole Kill Alex Rider Fails Jellyfish from Sayle's fish tank falls on her
Mr Grin Kill Alex Rider Fails Blinded by Alex Rider's Game Boy 'Bomber Boy' cartridge; crashes his plane into a deserted dock
Point Blanc Mr Baxter Negotiate higher payment for cloning 16 copies of Grief Fails Shot by Grief
Mrs Stellenbosch Kill Alex Rider Fails Shot by Wolf, then falls into Grief's helicopter blades
Julius Grief Exact revenge on behalf of Dr. Grief Fails Badly burnt when he falls down the roof into a school lab, then later captured
Eagle Strike Charlie Roper Demand payment from Damian Cray Indirectly succeeds Ironically buried alive by a torrent of 25-cent coins which was his payment (or 'blood money')
Snakehead Cpt. Hermann de Wynter Capture Alex Rider alive Fails Killed by Major Yu
Prof. Bill Tanner Harvest Alex Rider's organs for illegal transplanting Fails Commits suicide

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