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In Miami they had been Centurion International Advertising. In New York it was Creative Ideas Animation. And here - Cairo Islamic Authority. Always the same initials. CIA

—Central Intelligence Agency

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the American's intelligence agency and MI6's counterpart in the US. The organization appears in Skeleton Key, Ark Angel, Snakehead, and Scorpia Rising.


Joe Byrne is the Deputy Director of the CIA and has had several agants under his command including Tom Turner (deceased), Belinda Troy (deceased), Tamara Knight and Ed Shulsky.

Interactions with Alex Rider

Alex Rider worked with them three times, to bring down General Alexei Sarov (see Skeleton Key) and Nikolei Drevin (see Ark Angel). They were later involved in the Scorpia Rising mission.


So far, all their undercover locations have used a name to form the anagram "C-I-A." There are three headquarters shown in the books: one in Miami, one in New York and the other in Cairo.

  • Centurion International Advertising
    • Location: Miami, USA
    • Appearance: Skeleton Key

Alex Rider's first briefing by CIA was at this branch. Alex, Tom Turner and Belinda Troy were sent to investigate General Alexei Sarov's order of 1 kilogram, weapons grade uranium, although Alex was kept in the dark about all this. The building is described as a ten-story, white building with lines so sharp they could have been cut out of a giant sheet of paper.

  • Creative Ideas Animation
    • Location: New York, USA
    • Appearance: Ark Angel

Alex Rider was brought to this branch of the CIA when their agents realized he was travelling with a man under investigation, Nikolei Drevin. It was disguised as an overpriced, hardly-frequented, cartoons shop that catered to the Manhattan, New York area.

  • Cairo Islamic Authority
    • Location: Cairo, Egypt
    • Appearance: Scorpia Rising

When several CIA agents recognized Alex after he escaped the explosion on The House of Gold, they managed to trap him in a car and bring him to their base of operations. There he was accused of terrorism, water boarded, and eventually rescued by the deputy director, Joe Byrne.