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Among its many business interests, the Chada Trading Company is involved in deep-sea oil exploration and leases an oil platform in the Timor Sea

—Winston Yu reveals the Chada Trading Companies involvement with Scorpia's operation; "Reef Encounter"

The Chada Trading Agency is a fake organization appearing in the novel Snakehead.


It was a false front for the Snakehead cell Alex Rider and Ash were trying to infiltrate. It was run by the SCORPIA executive Major Winston Yu.


Criminal and secret service organizations always seem to have false fronts in the Alex Rider series, and the Snakehead are no different. The Chada Trading Agency specializes in people smuggling, money laundering and forging false documents, usually to nearby countries such as Indonesia and Australia. The trading agency also runs Unwin Toys, a company also run by Winston Yu.

Furthermore, after it became apparent that ASIS and MI6 were fully aware of SCORPIA's latest operation, Winston Yu planned to detonate Royal Blue and, using the turmoil to soon ensue, Winston would take advantage of the Chada Trading Agency's financial interest in numerous building firms to accumulate hefty sums of money, seeing as how most of western Australia would have been destroyed, as well as all of Reef Island.