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I thought you said I owed you two million dollars

—Damian Cray's final ironic (and sadistic) words to Riper before burying him alive

Charlie Roper is a minor antagonist in the novel Eagle Strike.[1]


He worked for the NSA[citation needed] and had access to codes that would allow the launch of American nuclear missiles.

Physical Appearance

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Role in Series

Eagle Strike

Roper worked for the NSA and supplied Damian Cray with the codes to detonate the American nuclear missiles (as part of Cray's master plan). He was also bribed by Cray to deliver critical information, but he was careless in doing so and attracted the attention of a journalist named Edward Pleasure, Sabina Pleasure's father. He found out about Roper's gambling habit and followed him, and Cray found out about this and regarded Roper as a traitor.[1][2]

In response, Cray locked Roper in a bottle-shaped room and paid Roper two million dollars for his work - in quarters. The coins poured down on top of Roper from a hole at the top of the chamber, and Roper was unable to escape. He was quickly buried alive under the huge mass of coins and was crushed by their weight.[1]


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