Combat Jacket
Biographical Information
Name Combat Jacket
Alias Combat Jacket
Title --
DOB Unknown
Age Unknown
Physical Information
Status Deceased (shot to death)
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Affiliations Magnus Payne
Occupation Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance Ark Angel
Last Appearance Ark Angel
Mentioned --
Alex Rider: ... One of your people was waiting for with a gun
Nikolei Drevin: Is this true?
Combat Jack: He's lying. I let him go like you said. I never went near him

—Combat Jack, Alex Rider and Nikolei Drevin

"Combat Jacket" was the nickname Alex Rider gave one of the Force Three subordinates who worked under Magnus Payne when he was Kaspar. He appeared in the novel Ark Angel.[1]

Physical appearance

He wears a combat jacket and a Che Guevara T-shirt. It is mentioned that he is fit and is in his late twenties.

Role in Ark Angel

During the Ark Angel novel, he breaks into St. Dominic's with "Steel Watch," "Spectacles," and "Silver Tooth" to kidnap Paul Drevin upon the elder Drevin's request, unknowingly abducting Alex instead.[1][2]


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