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The compound itself reminded Alex of an army barracks... Or a prison. It was surrounded by a double fence, the outer one topped with razor wire. There were guard towers at fifty-metre intervals and guards on patrol all around the perimeter. In Holland, where the police carry guns, Alex wasn't surprised the guards were armed. Inside he could make out eight or nine buildings, low and rectangular, white-bricked with high-tech plastic roofs. Various people were moving around, some of them transported in electric cars. Alex could hear the whine of the engines, like milk floats. The compound had its own communication centre, with five huge satellite dishes mourned outside. Otherwise it seemed to consist of laboratories, offices and living quarters

—Alex Rider onlooking Cray Software Technology

Cray Software Technology (or CST) is a company appearing in the novel Eagle Strike.


CST is a company owned by Damian Cray. Its latest project was the revolutionary new games console Gameslayer.


CST is based in Sloterdijk, outside Amsterdam.


  • CST has the same initials as the terrorist group Camargue Sans Touristes, which raises the suspicions of Alex Rider in the novel Eagle Strike.