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The Cutter CD Player gadget appears only in the novel Point Blanc.


As with most of Military Intellignece Six agent gadgets, the Cutter CD Player was invented by Derek Smithers.


This CD player becomes a circular saw when the Beethoven CD is inserted. The saw blade has been manufactured to look and feel as much like a CD as possible. It is a lightweight titanium steel disc with a clear plastic coating on each side and a diamond edge.The cutting arm, made of strong titanium steel, extends when the Beethoven saw blade is inserted. A belt system connects the disc to the main saw motor, which spins the blade up to 5,800 revolutions per minute. When not in use, the cutting arm lies flat against the bottom of the CD tray, where it is difficult to detect except under close inspection. The blade will cut through plastic, wood and even thin section of metal, marble and stone. Because of the heat and vibration produced when slicing through harder materials, it is recommended that the saw be used only in short bursts.

The Cutter CD Player gadget. Disguised as the player (top), revealed as a saw (bottom).

The saw batteries contain enough charge to power the saw for up to twenty minutes of continuous use. Because they are hidden inside the main body of the machine, they cannot be replaced without dismantling it. The normal CD playing mode runs off two AA batteries.

When the fast forward button is pressed three times, a burst transmission sends a distress signal lasting less than a tenth of a second. It is picked up by the local MI6 signals station and sent via satellite to HQ. It is so short and compressed it is difficult to detect by outside sources, even if radio is being monitored.

It is important that the CD player should appear as realistic as possible, while still being sturdy enough to withstand the strong vibrations produced by the saw blade and motor. As with previous models, the frame is made of a titanium alloy which is 45% lighter than steel but twice as strong. The shell of the CD player is made from high-impact polyurethane.

A pictorial overview

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Known Uses

It is used once by Alex Rider to cut through a window and escape Point Blanc Academy.

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