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NEVER SAY DIE update to timeline day by day

Six weeks in America…in San Francisco (42 days)

30-Alex has recently turned 15.

p.42—Sabina met Alex a year ago at Wimbledon (so SKELETON KEY was a year go and the first two books, STORMBREAKER and POINT BLANC were a year and a bit more)

p.44-It has been six weeks since Alex left Egypt

p.47-“the” week passed (another week), the weekend (day 43 to day 49)

p.50-Alex is 15 now (this reference is not in Alex’s letter in the American Philomel version); Alex stops bullies Colin MacGuire and Clayton Miller; Alex returns to Siwa.

p.67-The drive through the night. End of first day back in Siwa. (day 50 or 49)

p.97-Day 50-A new morning, a new day. At night, Alex talks to the Pleasures on a screen. Alex will leave at 6am the next morning.

122-Peppermint Tea--6am, Alex leaves; “18 hours later” from the last scene in the last chapter, a new day; Alex is in Saint Tropez

128-Mrs. Jones tells Alex that Alan Blunt resigned; Smithers left MI6;

131-Alex figures it took the Grimaldi brothers seven days to bring Jack by boat to Saint Tropez; the yacht

164-The Grimaldi brothers are 50. 165-When they were 6, a nanny fell out of a window and died. 166-At age 16, their father made them capos

168-Day 51-Morning; Dragana is killed; Alex kidnapped and they attempt to drown him; Wolf saves Alex

211-Mrs. Jones met with Alex “yesterday”

215-Back Home

231-Day 52-A new day; 7am; the kidnapping of the school bus and children

368-Day 53--The next day?--- At least a week before he could return to school; where he had been for the past couple of months;