Alex Rider Wiki

John Rider, no more than 26, joins Special Operations.

Ash joins Special Operations.

Alex born in East London, England.

Alex Rider has a Taurus sign for his birthday, possibly an April 20 birthday? Wikipedia says birthday was Feb 13, 1987, but also says Jan 17.

For date of Alex birthday: USA version of CROCODILE TEARS says Feb 13th.

Skeleton Key has a scene in which it seems to be summer early July and Alex says he’s 14 and three months). This would indicate maybe April 7 or so is his birthday.

Alex is christened?

Ash joins Scorpia?

End of April. Alex’s parents are killed. Alex is three months old. (MISSION FILES says John died in 1988)

A few months after the death of Alex’s parents, Ash leaves MI6 and goes to work for Australian SIS.

Alex is two when the Berlin Wall comes down. 1989.

Alex learned karate from when he was six years old (ARK ANGEL and elsewhere)

Jack comes to work for Ian. Alex is about 7 years old. Jack meets Ash when Ash visits London for a few weeks. Ash stays at hotel. Ash visits two or three times. Jack and Ash go out a couple of times.

Age 7: Alex plays hide and seek with Jack at Christmas.

Surfing years ago. A week spent in San Diego, CA with Ian.

Ian Rider had taken Alex climbing in Scotland, France and all over Europe.

Alex has been in Italy before (SCORPIA UK and US Scholastic versions).

Alex spent the best part of a year in Barcelona, Spain with his uncle.

Shortly after his tenth birthday, Alex spent time in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Here he learned pickpocketing.

Age 10: Alex tried to boil an egg in a microwave.

Age 11: scuba diving in the Carribean with Ian Rider for a week.

Age 12: For Alex’s 12th birthday, Alex was given a Condor Junior Roadracer bike.

Alex has gone to Blackpool with Jack. She won a teddy bear. Could have been any age.

Age 12: “About two years before Alex’s missions were recorded, Alex sorts out bully Michael Cook who used to beat up Tom Harris.”

When Alex was 13 he went scuba diving in Guadeloupe, The Caribbean with his uncle Ian Rider.

Alex has never been to Africa at the start of CROCODILE TEARS

CHRISTMAS AT GUNPOINT Alex is 13. It is the last Christmas Alex and Ian spend together. Ian is killed a couple of months after Alex’s 14th birthday, the following Spring. Alex and Ian spend “a couple” of days on their own in Gunpoint, Colorado hotel the Granary, 50 miles north of Aspen. Third day: they meet Sahara Sands. Fourth day: it snows again. 10 inches on ground. Alex and Sahara spend five hours high up over Bear Creek. “Five months later” Alex would be racing down the side of Point Blanc. Fifth Day: the climax The lap top had info about the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. Alex, “,,,in fact, I met Sahara a couple of years later.”

STORMBREAKER (UK version) Year: Book published in 2000. Written before that so 1999 or 1998?

Day One 3am House in Chelsea, London between King’s Road and the river.

Jack had come to the country seven years ago (nine in the movie).

Day Two Five visitors come to the house including Crawley. Crawley comes to the house.

Day of Funeral (Day Five?) Ian is supposedly buried.

Day Six Alex on bike: Condor Junior Roadracer, cut down Reynolds 531 Frame Brookland, maths teacher is Mr Donovan. Secretary of school: Jane Bedfordshire, in her 20s. Alex learned Karate from when he was six years old.

Day Seven Crawley calls. Alex to the office. Is tranqulized. Ian Rider had been on missions in Iran, Washington, Hong Kong, Cairo. When he was 7, Herod Sayle saves an American couple in Beirut. Sayle has nine brothers. Alex as Lester is supposed to go to Sayle Enterprizes on March 29. Stormbreaker ceremony is to be on April 1. It seems to be a school day.

Nine or Ten Days of Training (so Day 16 or 17, we’ll round up to about 18 due to a day between seven and his start of training)

Training day one (or day 9 of book) p. 65, the sergeant tells Alex he has him for 11 days

“in the days that followed…Alex learned map reading, radio communication, and first aid..” “unarmed combat class, assault course…” “…by the end of the week…” he cut his time to 17 minutes on the course. Wolf taunts and tries to humiliate Alex; Alex in mess hall is tripped by Wolf. Men sent on a day jungle survival training course but Alex is not sent with them.

Day 8 of training. Day 15 of book. Killing House. Wolf tries to make Alex fail and almost succeeds.

Day 9 to 10 of training. Day 16 to 17 of book. 40 kilometer hike.

RTI (RESISTANCE TO INTERROGATION from KIDS’ NIGHT IN 2) Horowitz claims to have written it for “War Child” whatever that is. Seems to take place over one night some time during training and in the movie it seems to be at the end of training.

STORMBREAKER book continued Day 11 of training. Day 18 of book. Alex saves Wolf’s career by kicking out of plane with parachute. Alex meets Smithers.

Day 19 Alex arrives at Sayle’s.

Day 20 Stormbreaker game. Snookers game.

Day 21 March 31 1:30 am: sneaking around; Yassen, submarine; 1:00 pm: Alex spends three hours on Stormbreaker; Quad bikes attack, one with a flame thrower; Ian was here at over a week The mine, capture…

Day 22 April 1

Page 288-the faked doctor letter from Blunt says that Alex was away for three weeks

Yassen kills Sayle and disappears into the dying light.


The Gentleman is given the job a week before day one. Kills the real Sam Green. Gentleman sends victims flowers.

Day One The last few months before this, Paul Roscoe and father not getting along, worse. Roscoe is killed.

Page 18—body discovered the next day…

Page 19---“Two days later, the killer boards a plane at JFK

Day Four (?)

Page 20—“Alex had missed two weeks of school.” American Scholastic version says “Three weeks.” American Scholastic version also says that three weeks ago Alex found out his uncle was a spy.

It is “the last weeks of the term…”

Page 24—just 12 months ago, Colin had been one of Alex’s best friends.

Crane adventure, Skoda and Mike Beckett (met in prison) stopped

Day Five 7am the next morning…

Page 61—“Last December Vikto Ivanov died…”

Point Blanc established 20 years ago…

Page 68---“Five days from now” Alex will leave the Friend’s house and go the Academy

Day Six The day after the meeting at MI6. It is supposed to be Fiona Friend’s Easter holiday.

Day Seven Day Eight “After only two days…”

Day Nine The third day at the Friend’s house. The gun incident.

Day Ten The fourth day at the Friend’s house. Riding a horse. The train and tunnel incident.

Day 11 Meeting Smithers in the field. Leaving the Friend’s house with Stellenbosch.

Page 121—Alex had stayed at the Marais district before. Dinner with Stellenbosch. Drugged. Examined. Alex bit his nails.

Day 12 Trip to and arrival at Point Blanc. Stellenbosch has worked for Grief for 26 years. Meets James Sprintz. James has been here for six weeks.

Day 18 Page 154---the end of the first week at Point Blanc. The other boys were at Point Blanc for 14 weeks. Nightmare as he sleeps. Late night: James captured.

Day 19 Alex up the chimney. Grief shoots and kills Dr. Baxter.

Day 20 Another breakfast. Alex finds the real boys.

Page 215—Grief came to France in 1981. Six years later, Grief cloned himself sixteen times.

Day 21 Alex was to be dissected.

Page 228—Alex had only been snowboarding three times in his life.

Alex’s escape.

Day 22 5am: Mrs. Jones arrives at hospital. The attack by Wolf’s team on Point Blanc at night.

Day 23 Day24 Day 25—the time line on the Alex Rider site says May 1.

A few days later. We’ll say three.

Page 270---Blunt tells Jones that there is an interesting situation in the Zagros Mountains of Iraq. Alex may be the only answer.

The American Scholastic version says that Mr. Henry Bray, the principal, was concerned Alex missed the last two weeks of the spring semester. It had to be longer. Plus the dates do not always fit in with the semesters of English schools in Chelsea.

“The school was empty now and would remain that way until the summer term.”

The Alex Clone incident and fight and death (?) of the Alex Clone.

From CROCODILE TEARS: the fire happened “back in May.”

POSSIBLE mission in Iraq as mentioned in interviews, Alex parachuting into Iraq (?) but note: no mention of such a mission in SKELETON KEY. There are oil factories in the area. The area had a huge fire in March 2003 and has had trouble from Saddam’s forces and later Islamic militants.

ALEX IN INCIDENT IN NICE, FRANCE James Hale invites Alex to Nice, France with his Aunt and Uncle. Alex goes parasailing, which he’s never done before. The Stormbreaker incident and Point Blanc are mentioned. The driver of the boat has a stroke or heart attack. Alex fights for control and lands in water, gets to boat, loses his shirt and sandals.


Day One Cessna sinking.

Day Two Alex playing ball. A Friday afternoon. The weather caught between late spring and early summer.

The SCHOLASTIC version says it was a Friday afternoon in May.

It has only been four weeks since MI6 forced Alex to Point Blanc (does that mean four weeks have gone by or two including the two he was there?)

A week ago there was a break in at the All England Tennis Club and the Millennium Building.

“parachute into Iraq,” is mentioned on page 32. Alex may have been on or is going to go on a short mission in Iraq.

SIX WEEKS LATER… Alex had spent four of those weeks training with Walfor for ball boy.

(Alex had become good friends with Sabina in the last couple of weeks…and has already been invited to her family vacation in Cornwall.)

Day One after the six weeks…

Wimbledon is usually the very end of June and sometimes moves into very early July…(June 22 to July 5?) Blitz loses the game.

Day Two Day Three “…over the next few days Alex seemed drawn to him almost as if by accident…” “…two days after Blitz had left Wimbledon…” The follow and the fight.

Some more days go by… possibly four days….

Approximately…the quarter finals will be July 1…so Alex leaves, then approximately four days later, he and Sabina can go on the vacation.

Add another day to travel to Cornwall…

Day Three Day Four Day Five Day Six Day Seven Arrival in Cornwall with Sabina’s mom, dad, and Sabina.

Day Eight Day Nine On Page 66, Alex had been there for three days…invited for a week…

Day 10 Surfing the Cribber wave; the attack of the jet skier; Sabina saves Alex…


Day 11—hospital in Newquay, Jones visits one day Day 12 CIA requests Alex’s services… “A few days ago” from Day 16

Day 13 Day 14 Day 15

Five days had passed. It was a Monday morning. Alex was two years old in 1989. (The wall was opened Nov 9, 1989. The last of it was taken down in Nov 1991)) Scholastic says 1990 and Alex was three years old.

Sarov has been in Skeleton Key for ten years.

In two weeks time, the Russian President is meeting Sarov at Skeleton Key.

Alex is 14 and three months old.

Johnson has been out of contact for three months…

Seven weeks of summer left…

Smithers; seven hour plane ride to Miami…

Winter 1998: Conrad blown up and stitched back together.

Tom Turner in the UK version is named Glen Carver in the US Scholastic version.

Day 16 Alex wakes up several hours before 9am; breakfast; Alex saves Turner from the yacht; the death of the Salesman;

Day 17 The trip to Cayo Equeleto, Alex goes for a swim, hammock; Alex finds the Geiger counter; dinner;

Day 18 Alex tracks Troy and Turner to Brotherhood Square; sees Garcia; setting out from Puerto Madre; Devil’s Chimney Deaths of Troy, Turner and Garcia; Alex kidnapped off boat

Day 19 After midnight, Alex meets Sarov; House of Slaves, Alex awoken at 8am

p. 227-Sarov tells Alex he was born in 1940. Alex goes horse back riding.

1970-Sarov married at age 30. 1971-At age 31 he had a son born, Vladimir. 1988-Vladimir joins army at age 16. Shot by sniper in Afghanistan.

Russian President Boris Nikita Kiriyenko arrives that night.

Day 20-“Heartbeat” Alex goes horse back riding. Alex meets guard Juan and later, Boris. Alex one step kicks Juan into unconscious. Alex’s escape fails. Trunk of car, megaphone. Juan may have been shot. Or punished. Or sent home. 7:05 PM: Dinner-Boris and others drugged. Plane.

Notes: Michael Owen figure; Tiger Woods figure in Scholastic version.

Day 21 Ten hours on plane. Alex slept through stop at Gander for refueling. Half hour more. Edinburgh: escape attempt from plane. Airport death of security guard George Prescott (John Prescott in Scholastic). Four hours later: Prescott’s body found. Plane in Russian airspace. 12 hours to detonation. 40 min drive from airport to Murmansk. Hour later? Stopping bomb. Sarov kills self.

p316-Jones mentions the CIA might be training their own young spy.

Day?Alex whisked off to hospital in Moscow, then to London hospital. Day Friday: Alex snapped at Jack for the first time in his life when she requested he see a doctor. Day Saturday. Jack, walking, Sabina invites Alex to lunch with parents, talk about South of France trip.

Figure: one day for Moscow, one day for London, then Friday and Saturday. Possibly more five days total. Total: Two more weeks of school missed.

Day 26-end of novel

Some sources claim that SECRET WEAPON happens here. It cannot since it is ten months after the start of Point Blanc.


15 years ago: Hunter (John Rider) saves Cossack (Yassen Gregorovich). Yassen is 19.

First week of vacation : Alex goes swimming, walking, climbing, canoeing, and horse back riding.

p. 21-Alex met Sabina only a month before.

Day 7 Alex is in South of France (airport is in Montpellier; Saint-Pierre) Alex is with Sabina’s mum (Liz-a fashion desiger), father (Edward- a journalist), and Sabina for one week. Yassen spotted; seaside town on the edge of marshes and lagoons that made up the Carmargue. Afternoon trip to Aigues Mortes. Explosion of rented house and injury of Sabina’s father.

Alex vs Franco, knocks Franco out. Alex gets Yassen’s gun, hesitates to kill him; Raoul knocks Alex out from behind. 9pm: bullfight. Midnight: Alex goes to the police station.

Day 8 Return to London. Alex tells Sabina everything. Trip to Royal and General Bank: Miss. Johnson works as a teller, Adam answers phones. When Damian Cray (Harold Eric Lunt) was 13 his parents were killed by a car falling on them rolling off a garage top floor. Cray was born Oct 5, 1950. At age 11 he was sent to Royal Academy of Music and sang with Elton John. 70s: at age 21, Cray formed a band named Slam. Five years later, Cray goes solo. In 1986 Cray visited Africa. Charity concert: Chart Attack. 1989: Cray performs in Belfast. 1990: Cray makes two visits to Buckingham Palace. Cray was on TV that day. He met the US President in London at Downing Street. Smithers sends Alex the new device loaded bike.

Day 9 When Alex was 10, Ian taught him how to pickpocket. Jack helps Alex sneak into Cray’s Pleasure Dome at Hyde Park exhibition. Alex plays Gameslayer. Female journalist that questioned Cray at the Dome is hit by a car, a hit and run death as she left Hyde Park.

Day 10 Paris: Jack and Alex in Paris. Looking to meet Marc Antonio, Edward’s contact. Jack once spent a year at Sorbonne, studying art before Ian’s death. 1Pm: Meeting Robert Guppy. Taken to Marc Antonio’s on Rue Britannia street. Info about National Security Agent Charlie Roper linked to Cray. Death of Guppy and Antonio. Alex’s flume escape.

Day 11? Alex in Sloterdijk, Amsterdam. Alex spies on Cray’s factory. 9pm: Alex returns after getting a costume from a fancy dress (costume shop) shop. Coin death of Roper. Alex caught and forced to play the Gameslayer on a real stage. Snake. Alex escapes.

Day 12 12 AM, Midnight: Alex gets to his bike at train station. Chased by men on foot, cars, and motorbikes. 8AM morning 36 hours till Eagle Strike Sabina kidnapped from Whitchurch Hospital. Jack and Alex back in London about 5pm. Sabina is 15 on p. 240 Alex goes to exchange the real flash drive for Sabina, intending to destroy it once she is safe. Alex and Sabina put in cellar.

Day 13 2:30 am: Alex and Sabina taken by Cray and Yassen. Long Night at airport and on AirForce One. Death of Cray, Death of Yassen. Death of Henryk (as related by Jones). Yassen tells Alex about his father working as a killer with him. Yassen says, “In a way, I loved him. I love you, too, Alex.” He tells Alex to find Scorpia and he will find his destiny. He tells him to go to Venice.

Day 27-Two weeks go by Meeting with Mrs. Jones 12pm: meeting with Sabina. Sabina leaving country to live in San Francisco with her parents.

Note: Gameslayer was to hit the stands August 13. It never does ? By Christmas, Feathered Serpant and 12 other games were to come out. They never do?

Summer-a few weeks of tutoring see SCORPIA below (August)


Day 1 to Day 2-start of Venice Trip

Day 3-page 7-September on a Sunday Morning (Scholastic and other US versions say Sunday morning in August) 3 days of the trip had already gone by (UK Walker).

In Scholastic, Julia Rothman kills Max Grendel first. In other words the chapter “Invisible Sword” comes first in Scholastic. Also in Scholastic is a chapter named “Scippatori” which is not in the UK Walker Books version. They both relate basically the same info except for the school trip.

p. 8-Less than a month has passed since the death of Damian Cray. Alex missed “loads” of the spring term while at Cornwall (STORMBREAKER) and POINT BLANC academy. Alex missed half the summer term while at SKELETON KEY. Rest of summer, say August, Alex has a tutor named Charlie Grey.

Tutoring lasts for a few weeks in summer (August).

p13-Alex was supposed to have 5 days in Venice with the school trip.

Big divergence: In Scholastic, Alex convinces Jack (easily) to let him go with friend Tom Harris to Venice. No school trip in US version.

p. 21-Sept sun (not in Scholastic). In Scholastic, Alex convinced Tom to go to Venice instead of direct to Naples.

Day 4- four days in Venice with school trip. August or early September.

p. 35-in the early 1980s Scorpia was born. p. 38–20 years of violent crime. Three months earlier a Mid East gentleman approached Scorpia to unbalance the world power against the US.

Night-into the palace dressed as a slave boy, encounter with Tiger, knocked out by Nile, left to drown and escape into…

Day 5— Tom heads towards Naples, school party flies back to England, Alex calls and apologies to Charlie Grey. Tom meets Alex on train. Tom met Alex two years ago for the first time. Alex took care of a bully named Mike Cook. Tom visited Alex’s house a few times.

Six hours on train, then in Naples to meet Jerry, Tom’s brother, stay at Jerry’s house

Day 6 Jerry takes Alex to look at Consanto. Back to Jerry’s and back to Consanto, parachuting onto roof and inside. Niles kills Dr. Liebermann in front of Alex. Alex and Nile leaves, Nile blows up Consanto. 20 min to hotel.

John Rider had spent 3 years with the Paras of the British Army, a regiment second only to the SAS.

May 1982-John Rider part of attack on Goose Green in Falkland Islands. Carried wounded soldier to safety. Promoted to Capt.

More info from Julia Rothman about John Rider: Alex has once seen the medal. Ian Rider had kept it in his top desk drawer. A few weeks after his wedding John got into a fight with Ed Savitt, John was 27, supposedly killed Savitt. Sent to jail supposedly. News article at least 15 years old. Exchange on Albert Bridge took place at 6am on March 13; Alex was three months old. John Rider supposedly killed in exchange of a kidnapped civil service man’s son. Alex’s mum died a few months later on a plane, supposedly alone.

Day 7-Alex goes to Malagosto: 1380 AD: the island town on Malagosto ransacked during a war with Genoa. 18th century, the island was a sanctuary for the insane. Mid 1980s: Scorpia bought it from the Italian government.

p. 156-Prof Yermalov (once taught Nile during Nile’s three month training a few years ago, he was number two graduate). p. 158-Oliver d’Arc, French principal of Malagosto training center. Alex Rider details on the internet. Only 15 students at center at one time, only 11 at this time.

Nile was 18 when he first killed someone.

p. 160-161-Thai woman: Miss Eijit Binnag, nicknamed Jet, teaches botany. p. 162-Mr. Ross, red haired, from Glasgow, tech specialist teacher; Miss Craig a student p. 172-Mr. Gordon Ross (a WILD WILD WEST reference perhaps) picked up his skills in Scotland’s tougher jails.

p. 164-William Dearly, Cambridge graduate and wheelchair bound, is Mrs. Jones’s personal assistant.

Day 8?or later at Day 12? p. 169-Malagosto psychiatrist Dr Karl Steiner, German accent, from South Africa p,170-Italian nurse had examined Alex on his first day at Malagosto (day 7), stripped to his underwear Alex went through tests. P.172-other students: Klaus, German mercenary trained with Taliban in Afghanistan Walker, 5 yrs in CIA in Washington Amanda –a soldier in the Israeli army in the occupied Gaza strip, she became close to Alex.

Julia and Oliver discuss Alex Rider’s ability to kill or not to kill.

More days? p. 180-183-lessons in killing, hiding, stealth, poisons, weapons, a book written by Fairbairn and Sykes, a book written by Dr. Three p. 185-two students who were his friends who fought a duel with fencing swords a day before

More days? Say…

Day 14? death of England reserve football squad and coaches; Alex Rider returns to England the same night

p. 211-Mrs Jones bought her flat 7 years ago. She has a cat named Q.

Failed assassination attempt on Mrs. Jones by Alex

Day 15

p. 239—it has been six or seven months since Blunt and Jones first met Alex. 30 hours till Invisible Sword goes off.

Cobra meeting.

6pm news: about Alex’s fake escape. 7pm: Alex calls Scorpia. Alex returns to Nile and Julia. 20 hours to Invisible Sword.

Day 16 10pm: six hours before Invisible Sword deadline: Thursday Morning: some decoy satellites are found by authorities. 1:30pm: Alex at house on edge of Regent’s Park. 1:50pm-Alex has been complete searched by Nile. It takes about ten minutes.

2pm: two hours to Invisible Sword. Julia, Nile, and Alex leave the house.

Climax: Deaths of Nile and Julia Rothman.

Days 19-23 Monday to Friday: Alex returns to Brookland School. Tom tells Alex that Jerry is in Auckland, New Zealand parachuting off a building.

Day 23 Friday evening-Blunt and Jones ordered a phone call to Alex Rider. Jack wonders if they will have Alex going to North Korea next.

Day 24 Saturday-Blunt and Jones left Alex alone for a week. Meeting with him. Alex meets James Adair. Alex told truth about John Rider.

Major Yu votes against sending a sniper to kill Alex.

Alex shot by sniper. Sees ghosts of parents.


Day One to Day 14?

p. 26-October

p. 38-ten long days in hospital; meets Paul Drevin; Alex wants flowers out of his room.

(CROCODILE TEARS says “two weeks”)

Attack on Hospital—night; Combat Jacket, Spectacles, Silver Tooth,

Day 15 Alex in captivity, sun dawn; sun sets; Kaspar; fire and tight rope walk away from fire Alex taken back to hospital by 10 pm

Day 16 Still in hospital. p. 90-Jones is in Berlin; Crawley tells Alex he had a run in with Scorpia about ten years ago and it nearly did him in. Jack picks Alex up from Hospital

Day 17—possibly a Wednesday Breakfast with Jack. Tea with Nikolei Drevin. Meeting Tamara Knight. Nikolei Drevin offers Alex two weeks vacation. Weekend in England; Saturday Chelsea game; Sunday NY; Wednesday morning launch. p. 111-Drevin will have a driver take Alex to his country estate the day after tomorrow.

Day 18 Day 19-Alex taken to Drevin’s country estate

Paul’s parents divorced when he was 6.

Day 20 Tennis; Paul beats Alex at tennis. Alex beats Nikolei Drevin at go kart racing even though Drevin cheats.

Day 21—Saturday? Soccer (football) match. Steel Watch almost captures or kills Alex. Force Three kills Adam Wright.

Day 22-Sunday Plane en route to NY. For the last 18 months, the CIA and State Dept have been investigating Drevin. Magnus Payne. Island. Prof. Sing Joo Chan. Paul teaches Alex kite surfing.

Day 23 Breakfast. Kolo takes Alex scuba diving to the Mary Belle wreck, tries to kill Alex. Saved by Tamara Knight. Insects get Kolo and guards. Force Three arrives. Tamara and Alex captured.

p. 255—Drevin mentions 9/11 (9-11-2001).

p. 258-Drevin mentions the year 2000. Launch set for 9am tomorrow morning. Bomb set for 4:30pm tomorrow.

p. 264-265-Magnus Payne revealed as Kaspar; death of four fake terrorists Steel Watch, Silver Tooth, Spectacles, Combat Jacket.

Day 24 Escape from the cages. Ater 6am. Alex elbows Paul. Kite surfing escape, speedboats chase and are destroyed; Princess blown up by CIA and Ed Shulsky. Gabriel 7 launched. It will dock with Ark Angel at 2pm and at 4pm the entire think will activate as a giant bomb to send down to Washington DC. Alex goes up, fight with Kaspar, Kaspar dies; bomb put in toilet. Return to Earth.

SNAKEHEAD Three weeks before Alex’s return to Earth, 7 men of Scorpia met. Past info: Alex was recruited in March, aged 14 and two months. Ian died earlier this year. LAST year, the CIA recruited a teenage agent to combat drug syndicates operating out of Miami. Boy was killed immediately. Five weeks from the start, the plan of Yu is to go into effect. The G8 summit is to start in November. A rep from one of the G8 governments contacted Scorpia six weeks ago and wants the summit ended violently. Two days after the meeting, Royal Blue was captured and taken east.

A day after landing?

Day 1

Day 2 Alex meets Scooter, Texas, X Ray and Sparks.

Day 3 Swanbourne: test at minefield; Alex nearly blown up.

Day 4 Day 5-Jack joins Alex in Australia.

Day 6-? Sydney Opera House, Jack and Alex together.

Day 7 Alex touches down in Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. Meeting Ash. Ash has been in Australia for 14 years.

Day 8 Meeting Mrs. Chloe (Cloudy) Webber, who makes Alex look Afghan. Two weeks ago Karim and son Abdul were picked up by ASIS. The pair were headed for Bangkok en route from India from Afghanistan. Alex’s skin color for two weeks is brown unless he’s wet. Webber tells Alex to check on the teeth every 5 or 6 days.

Day 9 Day 10 Day 11-in Chinatown for nearly three days.

Day 12 On the 4th day, the snakehead came. Anan Sukit. 5 years ago someone in a gang fight cut off Sukit’s ears. Sunthorn vs Alex in arena at illegal Muay Thai cage fight. Escape into river, rats, ferry. Sukit is shot from behind, someone set the fire and shot Sukit. (Fox)

Day 13 12 midnight in Bangkok: but in teatime in England, Winston Yu gets news from Bangkok; talks with Zeljan Kurst. 1am: Alex remeets Ash. Morning: Alex is followed and taken by Fox…who tells Alex his name is Ben Daniels. He has a Liverpudlian accent. Talk with Mrs. Jones in Buddist temple hideout. Royal Blue bomb stolen four weeks ago.

On plane with Ash. Eight months since Alex was recruited. After Yassen’s father died, six months later, Yassen’s mother died. Yassen was 14. EAGLE STRIKE was 15 years after John Rider saved Yassen’s life. John had a soft spot for Yassen. The Malta mess happened on Feb 11 at 11pm. Yassen is ten years younger than Ash. After Malta, Ash on sick leave for six weeks. A couple of months after Malta, Alex’s parents’ plane blew up. Alex had an ear infection. Ash did a few more months of desk duty.

Day 14? Jakarta. 10am. Sleep in toy warehouse.

Day 15 Kopassus Indonesian SAS. Rain. Gunfight. Escape in van. To the docks. Put into a container with 20 (or 19) refugees. Alex thinks it could be three or four days before they are unloaded.

Day 16 Over 24 hours pass. Alex blows his way out and leaves the container. Royal Blue is on board. Alex spies on Major Yu, Mr. Varga, and Captain Hermann de Wynter (Dutch). Death of old man Salem from the container. Full ship Search for Alex.

Day 17 It is 18 hours since the search on the ship Liberian Star for Alex. Alex is under Yu’s bed. Two hours more before Yu leaves room. Gunpoint at Capt de Wynter. Escape from the ship on bottom of a container and the East Arm Wharf on back of a truck. Recaptured by Yu who has Ash. Yu later mentions he had to kill Capt. de Wynter.

Day 18? Alex taken to Darwin, Australia. Conversation with Yu at dinner.

When Yu was 6 his mother tracked down snakehead in Hong Kong. 

p. 290-Alex recalls December 26, 2004 tsunami.

Day 19? Alex had been locked up for the night and most of the morning. Mid day and he is flown to an Australian jungle compound. Alex meets nurse Charleen Hicks and Jacko. Alex meets “doctor” Bill Tanner. In the compound there are four nurses (one named Isabel with a rash on her lower face), Bill, Jacko, and Quombi. And Jacko’s pit bull Spike. Two of the other nurses are named Swaine and Wilcox It is on the edge of the Kadadu National Park. Arnhem land. Alex has A positive blood.

Day 20 R.V. Weinberg, a TV producer of reality shows from Miami arrives. He is to be given Alex’s eyes! Alex sent to bed at 8:30pm.

Day 21 3am: Alex’s plan. Alex drops the filing cabinet on Quombi. Gives dog sleeping pills. Alex sinks the plane, makes a makeshift kayak, sets fire to the compound building. Sets off. Rapids. Helicopter attack. More rapids. Bora Falls. 10am: the Royal Blue bomb would go off tonight. His trainers has a beacon planted in them at Swanbourne. 1:10 pm: Ben finds Alex. 9pm: briefing for attack on Dragon Nine. 11pm: time for the bomb to be placed. 11:10-Alex and Ben arrive at the drilling platform, cut off from the other men. Ash shot by Ben. Ben shot by Yu. Ash confesses and dies. 11:47 and counting: Alex detonates the bomb early. Death of the escaping Major Yu. SAS lost two men, 3 injured

Day 22? Day 23 Day 24?-Monday Alex returns to Brookland School on a Monday. Over the Christmas holiday he will have to have tutoring. Alex has 24 hour surveillance.

Day25 Day26 Day27

Day28-Friday; Full week back at Brookland.

After school, afternoon: Alex goes to a meeting with Alan Blunt who asked him to come in. On this Friday, Alex goes to the office. It is the last week of November. Blunt tells Alex that Tanner has committed suicide, possibly on orders from Yu. ASIS picked up two guards, a handful of nurses, and two guards. They also arrested Varga (from Haiti). Ben recovers but will be in hospital but will be out by Christmas. 5pm: Jones tells Alex that MI6 has been in contact with Scorpia; they will not try to kill Alex again. Sabina arrives. She is almost 16 now. Sabina and mum are here renting a house in Notting Hill. Alex had said goodbye to Sabina a few months ago under Richmond Bridge beside Thames River.

Day 29-Saturday Tom Harris and Alex go to a Chelsea against Arsenal at home.


TWO months after SNAKEHEAD (so SNAKEHEAD might have taken place in October? and November)

The last six weeks before Dec 31st Sabina arrived unexpectedly with her parents in England. At the end of SNAKEHEAD she claimed she and her mum were in England. Was dad? Did he come later?

Alex has completed almost half a term without being attacked by someone.

Day 1 New Year’s Eve December 31 Scotland.

For the past few days (before Dec 31) Alex and the Pleasures were hillwalking, fishing, visiting ruined castles, isolated villages and strolled along white sands of Morar.

Jack tells Alex she will see him in a week. She tells him school starts on the 6th.

Day2 Jan 1 Escape from the Loch Arkaig car crash. Hour to reach hospital. Liz arrives two hours after that. Edward, Sabina, and Alex released from hospital at Inverness that morning.

Day 3-Jan2 Day4-Jan3 Day5-Jan4

Day6-Jan5 Heathrow Airport: saying goodbye to the Pleasures. Edward invites Alex to visit in the spring, Yosemite and Big Sur mentioned.

Day7-Jan6 Alex returns to school. Tom had spent Xmas with Jerry in Naples. James Hale mentioned. Fight with three men in cemetery. Harry Bulman comes to Alex’s house to write a news story about Alex. p. 113-Alex was in Timor Sea in November (the climax of SNAKEHEAD attack on Yu).

Day 8-Jan 7 Alex and Jack go to MI6. Last November Philip Master wanted to tell the police about Leonard Straik. Master was killed in an accident.

Day9-Jan8 Day10-Jan9 Day11-Jan10

Day12-Jan11 It has been four days since Bulman went to Alex’s house. Bulman is given the “invisible man” treatment by Crawley. Alex gets Smithers’ postcard.

Day 13-? Alex’s trip, adventure, and escape from Greenfields.

Day 14 Henry Bray reprimands Alex. He gives Alex one day exclusion from school. Alex escapes the studio fire.

Day 15 Day 16 A few days later?

Day 17 Death of Bulman by McCain. Blunt and Jones dinner at Mandarin in Whitehall.

Day 18 Breakfast, Alex heads to school, is kidnapped, turned into a handicapped student.

Day 19 Simba River Camp, Kenya. Crop duster flight. McCain arrives that afternoon. Dinner between Alex and McCain.

Day 20 Pure Torture. Alex over Crocs. Rahim saves Alex. Landing at Laikipia airport of a small town. Rahim killed by McCain. Final fight with McCain, McCain dies. Alex hurt.

Day 20 Day 21 Day 22 Day 23-??? Monday?

Jack had called every day since Alex was picked up. He had been flown in the night before? She wanted to see him in Nairobi (not in US version).

Alex tells Jack that nurses said he should be out in a couple of days, Tues or Wednesday out.

UK book says it is the end of January. Jack tells Alex his birthday is next Thursday.

US book says it is the second week of February! Jack tells Alex his birthday is Feb 13th, Thursday.

Jack will invite some of Alex’s close friends over to celebrate.

ALEX UNDERGROUND Davenport killed by Spectacles (say, wasn’t he killed in ARK ANGEL?) Alex vs Spectacles and Specttacles loses and is trapped under a train and taken into custody. Someone paid Spectacles to steal a briefcase from Davenport, a civil servant in the Ministry of Defense.

SECRET WEAPON short story Ten months after the start of POINT BLANC: Skoda has escaped prison and is after Alex Rider. Miss Treat, a supply teacher, physics and chemistry, arrived a few week ago at Alex’s Brookland School. Treat stops Skoda. She works for MI6. Mr. Kydd teaches history.


p6-a bright February morning, Zeljan Kurst

p18-more Scorpia agents mentioned: Levi Kroll, Mikato-the Japanese policeman turned Yakuza gangster; Dr. Three

p,23-Razim born 45 years ago

p. 25-1979 mentioned, Razim informs on his parents, they are killed; sister dragged into a van by four men

p. 28-Razim turns 18, asked to join Mukhabarat and leaves university

p. 29-2003-Iraq war

p. 39-four months later---a bright afternoon in June.

p. 41-more Scorpia agents—Seamus, an Irishman, a redhead, ex IRA. Twin brothers from the Italian mafia—Giovanni and Eduardo (in 25 years they had never spent a minute apart).

p. 43-The Chinese Dr. Three described. He wrote a book on torture.

Also three operations mentioned that were not given to Scorpia: nuclear material for Iran; terrorist activity in Tel Aviv and the collapse of the banking system in Singapore.

p. 46-Mikato described. Tattooed the name of every man he killed on his body. Diamond set in his front tooth.

p,47-Frenchman Duval is one of the 12 on the executive committee.

p50-Australian Brendan Chase, former paymaster for the ASIS.

p. 57-death of Levi Kroll

p. 59-plans for Julius Grief to be with them in one week

p. 64-prisoners are two secret agents, a weapons inspector who claimed to be innocent, a freelance assassin, two terrorists who planned a nuclear strike on London, and Julius Grief.

p. 65-Julius one of 16 clones.

p. 66-Other clones named Napoleon, Genghis, Mao Tse, and Adolph (the 16th one)

p. 67-Julius had spent two months in hospital

p. 68-Rosemary Flint has been counseling Julius twice a week for the past six months

p. 71-Julius believes it was a year ago he almost killed Alex on the roof of the school, Julius day one

p. 71-72-Julius day two: the Julius escape,

p. 80-as far as Dr. Flint knew two of the clones had died, the rest are in institutions like the one in Gibraltar

p. 95-Alan has been at his office for 17 years.

p. 96-Blunt is 58

p. 97-Alan recalls other agents who often, did not return: Danvers, Wilson, Rigby, Mortimer, Singh (who had his cover blown in Afghanistan).

p. 98-It has been 48 hours since Kroll’s body turned up.

p. 101-the dates on Kroll’s phone about something happening three weeks ago refer to either June or July.

p. 102-Samantha Redwing, 27, has a social life, a boyfriend,

p. 105-Two months ago (in March on the 4th) the former head of security of Cairo International College of Arts and Education, Mohammed Shafik was killed by a hit and run.

ALEX day 1-June? Early June?

A Friday and a school day…. (Walker Books calls it a Thursday!)

p. 116-Four months had passed.

(Walker Books says five months have passed!)

Second half of the spring term and the first five weeks of summer. Alex is now 5’10.

(Walker Books says the second half of the spring turn and two thirds of the summer…)

p. 117-Physics teacher Mrs. Morant told Alex he had a natural talent. Alex was capt of the first team at soccer. He was in drama playing Teen Angel in Grease, summer production. Alex seemed to be home less and less, hanging out more with Tom Harris and James Hale. He played soccer on the weekends and joined a rowing club near Hammersmith. He was in the 15 to 21 group. He rowed often on Sat afternoons down Putney and Richmond and (Walker Books also says Twickenham) onto Hampton Court. Rowan Gently was the cox, his own age. She was interested in him.

p. 118-Alex seeing Sabina on facebook. Alex stayed with Sabina for ten days during the Easter holiday. They explored San Francisco-the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Prison, Big Sur where they spent the weekend camping and hiking in California’s countryside. Edward Pleasure rented a house in Pacific Heights. Sabina plans to go to Yellowstone or La with Alex in summer. The McCain stuff happened at the start of the year. (Walker Books calls it Presidio Heights)

p121-Tom’s brother Jerry is visiting. Tom’s father had walked out.

p122-Alex’s bike is now the Raleigh Pioneer 160. It replaced his old Condor Roadracer.

p. 123-It was a beautiful spring day. Jack’s parents are in their 60s. Jack’s father had a stroke at the start of spring. Jack has an older sister who lives in Florida and has three young children of her own. Jack has been in England for nearly ten years. Jack is almost 30.

p. 125-Ian had been in car crash in Geneva, mugged in Rome, broken his arm in Vancouver.

Jack was going to leave Ian two weeks before Ian left on the mission that had killed him.

p. 126-Jack last saw Mrs. Jones at St Dominic’s Hospital in north London a few days before Alex’s 15th birthday. p. 127-Jack recalls last spring that Alex stayed two weeks with Sabina.

Grant Donovan, Alex’s math teacher.

Sniper attack

p. 153-Jack mentions that a journalist was after Alex in November. (Walker Books says January)

Alan and Jones visit Alex at home.

p. 159-Last week the Cairo school appointed Gunter as head of security.

p. 163-Gerrard UK agent mentioned.

p. 164-Alex’s home was bugged; neighbors of the house opposite were taken ill in Thailand and now in hospital in Bangkok.

ALEX day 2? Saturday? Alex arrives in Cairo, meets Blakeway; meets Craig Daniels, Simon Shaw, Jodie; Alias is Alex Tanner. (Walker Books alias is Alex Brenner).

Day 3-Sunday-meeting Smithers Day 4-Monday-start of college????????? Or ????????????? Day5 Day 6 Day 7 Day8 Day9 Day10-Meeting Smithers???????? Day 11-Start of college????

p. 172-“over the next few days.”

p,172-Alex would start school on Monday. He and Jack visit pyramids at Giza, sail along the Nile, go through the souk, pop into Mosques and Museums, visited where Moses was found.

NOTE: So either Jack and Alex arrive in Cairo and do ALL that in the span of TWO DAYS or less, or a full goes by until he starts the college and meets Smithers on Sunday night.

Day 5 or day 12-Alex’s second day of college

p. 181-Alex meets Gabriella, age 16, daughter of Italian ambassador

p. 182-Andre Macdonald

p. 186-Alex sees a boy, he is not aware at the time but it is Julius Grief.

Alex gets messages from Tom, Sabina and Julius among 18 messages, nearly all from his friends at Brookland.

p. 189-“over the next two weeks”

Day 19 or Day 26 p. 190-“at the end of the first two weeks, he was called into Monty Jordan’s office…”

Walker Books says early in the second week…

p. 191-and “so he played soccer, talked politics, and even got a small part in the Cairo College production of Blood Brothers”

p. 193-On Friday afternoon at the end of his second week…

Day 22 or Day 29 Erik Gunter away the whole of Monday.

Day 23 or Day 30 Alex had to wait until the end of Tuesday. Alex gets into Gunter’s office and overhears Gunter’s conversation.

Day 24 or Day 31 Wednesday: Graham Barnes, blue eyes, spiky hair, pockmarked cheeks, recognizes Alex from Brookland, he got sent here last year.

The House of Gold, death of Habib, sinking of House of Gold, Alex meets Blake Lewinsky and Franklin, waterboarded, Joe Byrne stops that.

Joe mentions 9/11.

p. 235-Joe mentions the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and a secret deal with Libya.

Joe says he has been here for two weeks now.

Alex and Jack plan to go home; Julius practices on Alex target; He and Razim plan to kill Smithers tomorrow.

Day 25 or Day 32 Jack kidnapped; Smithers’ house attacked; Smithers reveals his fat suit; Alex left alone; Alex finds note; Alex goes to Julius and Gunter; Alex taken to desert base of Razim.

Day 26 or Day 33 Alex in the cell, sees a baby scorpion as the sun rises. Jack and Alex have breakfast with Razim. Alex and Jack spend the day together; Alex is tortured as Jack escapes and is killed by bomb in SUV.

Day 27 or Day 34 Gunter is surprised by the change in Alex who had been captured 48 hours before. At the van at the speech at the university. Death of Gunter. Sniper attack foiled by Alex; gunfight, rainstorm, death of Julius.

Alex returns to Razim’s fort and disables the defenses. The attack on Razim starts. Blake dies. Razim dies.

Two weeks go by? A few weeks go by?

Day? 41 or Day 48

p. 393-Alan thinks the summer will be hot. He saw Smithers a “few weeks ago” when Smithers returned from Cairo.

In two weeks Alan will be leaving on a six week tour of Europe. His wife was going with him, it will be the longest time they spent together since they were married. The tour will start in Venice.

p. 395-Jones says Stormbreaker was over a year ago.

p400-Edward arrived two days ago. Alex stayed in a hospital/rest home in fifty acres of parkland. Alex and Edward leave.


Six weeks in America…in San Francisco

30-Alex has recently turned 15.

p. 42—Sabina met Alex a year ago at Wimbledon

p. 44-It has been six weeks since Alex left Egypt

THE MISSION FILES 1380-Malagosto island sacked during war with Genoa. 1750-ladder built by smugglers up to Casa de Oro from underwater to cliffs. 1857-Point Blanc built. 1868-Alejandro Corrazon, owner of Casa De Oro killed. 1950-Damian Cray, Harold Lunt born. 1956-Alexei Igorevich Sarov is a private in Operation Whirlwind to crush Hungarian revolution. 1960s-Major Yu classified operations in Northern Ireland for MI6 (Fish Hook, Flashbulb, High Tower) 1963-Johannes de Leede aka Dr Hugo Grief came to the attention of MI6 1965-Julia Rothman’s parents dedicated to Welsh independence were put in prison. 1966-Yassen born in Estrov. Harold Lunt leaves England to go to India and the Far East. 1967-Church of Forgotten Saints deconsecrated 1970-Yu diagnosed with brittle bone disease. 1971-Lunt returns to the UK, now a Buddist. 1972-Eva Stellenbosch (Viljoen) joins BOSS, age 21. Yu returns to Hong Kong with stolen info for snakehead. 1974-Nikolei Drevin drafted into Russian army; joins intelligence service. 1975-Eva assigned to Johannes (Hugh Grief) at BOSS. 1977-Julia Evans (Rothman) suspected of passing info about USA sub movements to KGB. 1978-Sarov promoted to General. Nile born in Britian. 1979-Sarov involved in special forces to put down Afghan military. Harold Lunt’s band SLAM! breaks up. Lunt changes name. 1980-BOSS closed down. Eva seemed to be part of Hugo’s experiments, changing her appearance and body. 1980-Julia marries Sandro Rothman; two days later he dies. Yu second in command of crime empire of South East Asia. 1981-Eva follows Hugh to France, both change their names. Julia spotted meeting Levi Kroll by France’s Deuxime Bureau in Tangier. 1982-CIA photographs Julia leaving office of Sicily’s Angelo il Serpente Gallo, head of Mafia clan. Anti Mafia judge in Palermo killed by Scorpia. 1982-Drevin became a signals analyst at KGB. Contacts made with Triad, Yakuza, and Russian underworld. Yu organizes crime some more. 1983-Al Ayan, Libya—government pays a ransom to Scorpia of 20 million since Scorpia threatened to poison the reservoir. 1983-McCain knocked out by Buddy Sangster in Madison Square Garden. 1984-Scorpia involved in Senate elections in San Antonio, Bolivia. Candidates claim they were intimidated into dropping out of the race. 1984-Scorpia assassination of Hector Nalbandian, his driver, bodyguards and two innocent bystanders. 1984-Federal drug trafficking charges against Lazaro cocaine cartel dropped as ordered by the New Senate in San Antonio, Bolivia. 1984-Buddy Sangster killed under a train in NY subway. 100 black tulips were sent. 1985-?first mission of Yassen and John Rider. Nadia Vole works for Sayle Late 1980s and 1990s-John and Yassen assignments. 1986-Damian Cray free concert at Wembley Stadium raises 30 million pounds for stopping famine in Africa. 1987-Sean Green aka Mr. Grin has his accident with knives during performance. Gemini Project starts. 1988-Nadia Vole moves to the UK. Ian Rider recruited in March 1988. 1989-Sarov goes to Cuba. 1990-The Gentleman starts his killings (one alias is Sam Green). Damian Cray knighted by The Queen. 1991-Sir Rupert shot and his land bought by Sayle. Julia Rothman’s Italian construction company buys Church of Forgotten Saints (year a guess) 1992-Waratah Creek, Australia—Jeff Walker, senior officer in Australian Secret Intelligence Service killed by Scorpia scuba diver. 1993-Conrad deserts Bosnian Muslims to become a mercenary. 1994-Drevin a millionaire by unscrupulous means; sells factories for the stock market. Buys and sells oil shares. 1994-Conrad becomes a terrorist for hire. Boris Kiriyenko comes to power in Russia. 1994-Innsbruck, Austria: 2 MI6 agents tracking Scorpia agent Grigory Yermalov are killed in bizarre skiing accident. 1994-Kyoto, Japan—Japan doomsday cult pays 70 mill to Scorpia to poison thousands. Cult member turns himself in and stops it. 1996-Walter Baxter altered the face of a Serbian war criminal and was caught. He vanished from the UK. 1996-Drevin Novgerol bought by Drevin with help from Russian mafiya, triads and yakuza. 1996-Max Grendel sends Nile to kill Scorpia member who sold out to the Italian secret service. Killed man on a guarded plane! 1996-2001-Nile kills 30 people over this time. Magnus Payne and Drevin meet. Drevin has Payne released from jail after 15 years. 1998-Drevin had paid back his investors with interest. Banker and broker for illegal dealings. 1998-Conrad blown up but not killed (September). Charlie Roper meets Cray in Kuala Lumpur. Roper paid for key to Milstar. 1998-Oil found near Forest Bay National Park. 1999-Sarov has Conrad become his personal assistant. (June). Scorpia sets fire to Forest Bay National Park in Alaska. 1999-Drevin sells off a cache of Russian energetics weapons to terrorists. Starts to look into suitcase nukes sellings. 2001-early-Ark Angel was costing Drevin 10 mill pounds a day. Force Three attacks throughout 2001. 2001-Wimbledon 2004-Boxing Day tsunami