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These are the characters in the Alex Rider series who have died.


Book they Died in

Cause of Death

Ash Snakehead shot by Ben Daniels
Damian Cray Eaglestrike shredded to pieces in jet turbine
Nikolei Drevin Ark Angel crashes in his seaplane
Yassen Gregorovich Eaglestrike shot by Damian Cray
Hugo Grief Point Blanc hit by snowmobile while in helicopter
Julius Grief Scorpia Rising shot by Alex
Desmond McCain Crocodile Tears burned by Alex shooting an oil drum
Razim Scorpia Rising Killed by a pile of salt
Julia Rothman Scorpia killed by the falling balloon platform
Alexei Sarov Skeleton Key shot himself in disgrace
Herod Sayle Stormbreaker shot by Yassen Gregorovich
Winston Yu Snakehead All of his bones were destroyed on impact with a boat
Harold Bulman Crocodile Tears shot by Desmond McCain
Myra Bennet Crocodile Tears eaten alive by crocodiles
Ravi Chandra Crocodile Tears vaporized by bomb
Conrad Skeleton Key back broken by magnetic crane
Mr. Grin Stormbreaker killed in plane explosion
Erik Gunter Scorpia Rising Stung by a scorpion
Nile Scorpia

falls to death