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Donna Treat was the MI6 operative undercover as the new science teacher in Brookland Comprehensive School in the short story "Alex Rider: Secret Weapon."


Treat was an agent sent by MI6 into Alex Rider's school to keep an eye on the teen. Teaching sciences such as physics and chemistry was her cover job, in the short story, she was called a "supply teacher."


She is described as young, still in her twenties and almost "...absurdly attractive." Treat has long blonde hair blue eyes and " star lips." She reportedly dressed like a teacher, in a gray tailored jacket and serious shoes but had a model-like gait.

Alex Rider: Secret Weapon

Treat arrived a few weeks after Alex Rider returned from his Point Blanc mission. She and Kydd accompanied Alex's school group to the Brithish Museum's "Seven Hundred Years of War" exhibit. As Skoda prepeared to strike Alex down, mad with revenge, she shot a feathered tranquilizer dart into the back of his neck.

She appears only in Horowitz's short story "Alex Rider: Secret Weapon."


  • Miss Treat is referred to as Miss Summers in the American version.