Myra Beckett
Biographical Information
Name Myra Beckett
Alias None
Title None
DOB Unknown
Age Unknown
Physical Information
Status Deceased
Nationality Britishcitation needed
Gender Female
Hair Blonde
Relationship Information
Family Engaged to Desmond McCain
Affiliations Unknown
Occupation Unknown
Series Information
First Appearance Crocodile Tears
Last Appearance Crocodile Tears
Dr. Myra Beckett is a secondary antagonist in Crocodile Tears.

Profession and Relationships

Beckett is the fiancee of Desmond McCain, the main antagonist of the novel, and she works as a supervisor at the GM crop facility Greenfields run by Leonard Straik. She is a skilled pilot and McCain states that she never had a single flying lesson; she is self-taught.


Beckett apparently doesn't care about her appearance and wears cheap glasses and no make-up. She has also been described as "masculine."

Role in Series

Crocodile Tears

Beckett is first seen when Alex Rider and his school take a trip to Greenfields, and she shows them around the complex with very little enthusiasm. She also points out to them the Poison Dome, where a number of the world's deadliest plants, insects and animals are located.

After McCain discovers that Alex is investigating him, he has Bennett smuggle Alex into Kenya so that he can interrogate him. Beckett cuts Alex's hair poorly and drugs him, then dresses him up as a child with severe brain damage in a wheelchair, in order to get him into Kenya without raising suspicion.

She flies a crop duster over a Kenyan field and forces Alex to spread the poisonous 'mushroom soup' substance provided by Greenfields across one of the crops, as part of McCain's plans. McCain also tells Alex that it was Beckett who shot out the tires on Sabina's father's car in Scotland, which had sent him, Alex and Sabina plunging into a loch.


When McCain tortures Alex by leaving him hanging above a river of crocodiles, Beckett taunts Alex and takes photographs of him to show McCain later on. However, an Indian agent named Rahim appears behind her and stabs Beckett in the back of the throat, though this doesn't kill her. In pain, she falls into the river where the crocodiles tear her limbs off and quickly devour her.


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