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"Eagle" is the psuedonym of a minor character in the first Alex Rider novel: Stormbreaker. Eagle was part of Alex's training unit (see K-Unit) in the SAS camp, Brecon Beacons. Eagle then returns (recast) in Season One of the Alex Rider TV series, which covers the events of the Point Blanc novel.

Physical Appearance

Eagle first appears on screen as a male, African SAS trainee. In the Alex Rider TV series, Eagle returns as a Caucasian woman.


Eagle shows a marked reluctance to continue the interrogation of Alex Rider, considering Wolf's torture methods too cruel to use on a minor. She shows absolutely no remorse when sniping agents at Point Blanc Academy, however.

Role in Series


Season One

Eagle initially helps Wolf to torture Alex, pretending to desire information about MI6 in order to test his loyalty. However, she has no stomach for torturing a child and urges Wolf to stop, but suddenly realizes that Alex escaped during their argument. She goes out with Wolf to hunt Alex down, and although they manage to successfully surround Alex, Mrs. Jones calls off the test and drives away with him.

Eagle is called upon again during the raid of Point Blanc, where she lays down sniper fire on the exterior of the school to silence the guards, allowing the rest of the team to smoothly infiltrate the school. Near the end of the operation, she located the original children who Dr. Greif had copied, and brought them all to safety.


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