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Alex, I'm afraid we need your help

—Shulsky about to send Alex Rider into space

Ed Shulsky was an undercover CIA agent.

Role in Series

Ark Angel

Appearing only in Ark Angel, Shulsky's main job was to escort Alex Rider back to the undercover CIA headquarters in New York. Shulsky also helped fight against Nikolei Drevin's guards and launched Alex Rider into space. When Joe Byrne ordered Alex to be brought to him, Ed was sent to separate Alex and the Drevins. Alex was then briefed on the mission: watch Drevin, make sure that he doesn't escape, and, if he does, alert the American's at their base in Barbados. When Alex alerted the Barbados base later in the novel, Shulsky brought a squad of soldiers to take over Flamingo Bay.

After realizing that Gabriel 7 could not be self-destructed, Shulsky was forced to send Alex into space to stop the bomb's detonation.

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