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Alex really liked Sabina's parents. They were the sort of adults who hadn't forgotten they were once teenagers themselves

Alex Rider's opinion of Liz and Edward's parenting style

Elizabeth Pleasure is a minor character who appears throughout the series .[1][2]She is married to Edward Pleasure and is the mother of Sabina Pleasure.[2]

Physical Appearance and Personality

Liz Pleasure is very close to her family. She is a pleasant easy-going woman. Liz is cheerful and likes to run a house without rules. She is slightly plump with long straggly hair and doesn't care how she looks.

Role in Series

Skeleton Key

Liz Pleasure and her family rented a house, Brook's Leap, on the Cornish coast. They rent the house for four weeks every summer and invited Alex Rider to stay with them for a week. During this time they treated Alex as if they'd known him all his life, and he had been surprised how quickly he'd fallen into their routine, joining them on long walks along the cliffs, helping with the shopping and the cooking, or simply sharing the silence -- reading and watching the sea. Alex admitted to wishing he had a family like theirs.

Eagle Strike

Liz Pleasure and her family rented a villa just outside San Piere in the south of France and invited Alex Rider to stay with them. The first week of the holiday went quickly they swan in the pool and sea, had gone walking, climbing, canoeing, and horse riding. However seven days after they arrived their holiday came to an abrupt end when their villa exploded. Edward Pleasure was rushed to hospital with severe injurys, Liz Pleasure was uninjured. They were told it was a gas leek, and Liz threatened to sue, but it was actually a bomb intended to kill Edward. The Pleasures stayed in France until Edward was moved to the Whitchurch hospital in London.

Crocodile Tears

The Pleasures unexpectedly arrived in England six weeks before the start of the book and invited Alex to join them for new year in the West Highlands of Scotland. They rented a Hawk's Lodge a three storey Victorian building on the edge of woodland with Ben Neville in the background. It was the sort of house that needed log fires, hot chocolate, old fashioned board games and too much to eat, Liz had supplied all this and more from the moment they arrived.

The four of them went hillwalking and fishing, visited ruined castles and isolated villages and strolled along the famous white sands of Morar. There was no television in the house, so they spent the evenings playing Scrabble or Perudo.

They had all planned to go to a New Year's eve party hosted by Desmond McCain, however at the last minute Liz Pleasure fell ill with flu. The others offered to stay home but she insisted they go without her, saying they could celebrate together the next day.[2]

Never Say Die

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