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This is the seventh and final episode in the first season of Alex Rider.


The Department finally solve the mystery of Ian's death and realise that an old, lethal enemy has resurfaced - while Alex faces off against his own duplicate in a desperate battle to save the people he loves.


While the real Alex is home safe, the Clone Alex obtains the "Alex Friend" passport and makes his way to London. Crawley learns that Kyra's parents have been killed and makes his way to the safehouse to tell her. She hugs Crawley, but in doing so secretly steals his key card to escape the house. She finds her way to Alex's school as they talk about Point Blanc before parting ways. At Alex's home, Jack encounters Clone Alex in school clothes, not realising he is a clone. Clone Alex then goes to the school and goes about trying to ruin Alex's relationships with Ayisha and Tom. At MI6 HQ, Dr. Greif is placed in a car to be sent to a remote location. However, on the way, the car stalls and the doors lock, where Yassen kills Greif and the guards with neurotoxin. Alex returns home but has an argument with Tom due to Clone Alex's actions. Mrs. Jones talks with Alex by the river and asks if there were any visitors at the school. When he mentions a man with a scar, Mrs. Jones realises Yassen Gregorovitch, who MI6 thought dead, is still alive and that SCORPIA, known for causing terrorist incidents, has come out of hiding. At the school prom, Clone Alex asks Tom if they can talk privately. He takes a pole and begins beating Tom with it, sending a video to real Alex a message to meet them. Smithers and Crawley notice a file they didn't realise before and that there is actually a Clone Alex out there somewhere. Alex and his clone, wearing a mask, end up in a fight in front of the school. The fight ends up in the school playground when MI6 shows up, not sure who the real one is. Tom walks out and beats the Clone Alex with a pole. MI6 begins to take the clone away, only for him to break free and point a gun at Alex; but the clone is then assassinated by Yassen. Yassen, however, leaves the real Alex alive. With the whole ordeal behind them, Alex attempts to continue with his normal life. Though Mrs. Jones asks Alan Blunt to let Alex live his life, Alan potentially has other ideas.