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This is the fifth episode in the first season of Alex Rider.


Appalled to realise that the students in Point Blanc are being mysteriously changed by Dr. Greif, Alex enlists Kyra and James in a plan to escape. Blunt spearheads an investigation into Parker Roscoe.

Kyra Vashenko-Chao


Alex wakes up in his bed and goes back to brushing his teeth, though a camera is watching him through a mirror. The next morning at breakfast, Alex mentions the dream he had that night, only for Kyra and James to state they've had the same dream. Laura returns to the group only to have changed, and sits with Arrash and Sasha instead of Alex, Kyra and James. Yassen does a facial ID of the picture he took from Martin; he finds a match on Alex as "Alex Friend" and nothing on Tom, but notices the school insignia. He decides to visit the school and has a brief encounter with Tom. Alex, Kyra and James plan to escape Point Blanc, which involves learning the code to Dr. Greif's office. MI6 finds a code on Martin's phone which Alan Blunt believes could be a phone number. They call it and a voice picks up, but disconnects the call right after. Dr. Greif is then called on his phone terminal to say his security protocols are to be altered. Once Dr. Greif is out of the picture, Alex and Kyra break into his office and set it so all doors in Point Blanc can be opened with code "0000". Parker Roscoe, who previously attended Point Blanc and whose father died by falling down an elevator shaft, is appointied CEO of Roscorp. Yassen meets with Dr. Greif to give him his new security protocols and mentions Alex Friend being a potential issue. Upon leaving, Yassen has a brief encounter with Alex. Alan Blunt meets with Parker and knows something is not right with him and decides to have a tab put on him. Alex, Kyra and James begin to plan their escape, but James is caught by Eva and taken into her office. Alex follows them and enters, only for them to have disappeared. At night, Alex and Kyra manage to escape their dorms to find out where they went, which leads them to the second floor. They find rooms which match their current rooms perfectly. They then overhear Dr. Greif, Eva and Dr. Baxter, where Baxter is killed by Greif.