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This is the forth episode in the first season of Alex Rider.


As his covert investigation of Point Blanc gets underway, Alex discovers that he's been left vulnerable. The Department seem to be closing in on the double-agent in their ranks - but the killer Yassen gets there first.


Upon arriving at Point Blanc Academy, Alex's belongings are searched, with his fake phone confiscated, but his MP3 player Smithers previously provided him is allowed. Eva introduces Alex to his classmates; Sasha, Arrash, James, Kyra and Laura. Martin Wilby meets with Yassen and tells him that the investigation into Ian Rider's death has been called off. When alone, Yassen contacts a woman about there being a problem with Martin's story. Alex gets to know his students better, where he learns Arrash and Sasha have become estranged from the rest of the group. After a medical examination, Alex eats dinner and then is required to wash up, but causes a havoc doing so. Eva walks in and escorts Alex to meet Dr. Greif. When he means Dr. Greif, Alex disrespects him, so Eva slaps him. Upon returning to his dormitory, Alex notices someone following him. When in his dorm, he tries to use the MP3 player to contact MI6, but no connection can be established. Jack encounters Mrs. Jones to ask about Alex, though Mrs. Jones questions her about the call Ian took on the night of his death, to which Jack mentions she overheard something about Russia. Realising Martin's story about Ian's death involving Korea to be false, MI6 begin to bug his home, though Yassen has set up his own bug and realises this. In class, Laura begins to have a strange cough and is sent to the infirmary, however she is not seen again for the remainder of the night. Martin goes to Alex's home to speak to Jack regarding Ian. Not realising Martin is a double agent, she mentions Alex being at some school for MI6, which tips Martin off. Jack gets a call from Mrs. Jones, but Martin leaves with a picture of Alex and Tom. Martin heads to a locker room where he keeps his double agent items and thinks about contacting Yassen, but decides not to. Yassen, however, meets with Martin and stabs him. He takes the picture of Alex/Tom and leaves before MI6 arrives on the scene. In his room, Alex continues to try and contact MI6, but to no avail. Eva checks up on him and then leaves, and as Alex brushes his teeth, he begins to feel faint and passes out. Alex wakes up dazed to find he is being prepared for some sort of operation.