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The first episode of the first season of the Alex Rider television series became available on June 4, 2020 in the United Kingdom, along with the rest of the season.


Following his uncle's mysterious death, Alex Rider begins a quest for answers that leads him into a dark world of secrets and espionage. He comes to realise that his uncle wasn't the man he thought he was - and that Alex himself is expected to follow in his footsteps.


The episode opens with New York businessman Michael J. Roscoe falling to his death down an elevator shaft after a professional hitman generates an electronic projection of a lift. Before his death, he had made arrangements to meet with Alan Blunt in London. Alex Rider is caught sneaking into his school in order to obtain Tom's (his best friend) mobile phone, which his uncle, Ian Rider, confiscates and leaves in his car. Ian is a spy operating undercover as a banker. He begins investigating the sudden deaths of two men from two different countries whose children both went to the same school named Point Blanc. Upon following a lead, Ian Rider is double-crossed by his field agent Martin Wilby and is shot dead by Yassen Gregorovitch. The police tell Alex and his American caretaker, Jack Starbright, that Ian died in a crash by going over the speed limit, which Alex doesn't believe. Alex manages to find his Uncle's car by using the Find My Phone function for Tom's phone and finds Ian's car undamaged and being taken away by a strange group of people. He manages to follow a car to a subdivision of the Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6, where he meets Alan Blunt and Mrs. Jones, who upon realising Alex's skill would like to recruit him. Initially, Alex refuses, but upon MI6 threatening Jack with deportation and Alex with living in a foster home, he decides to help them.