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This is the seventh episode in the first season of Alex Rider.


Alex leads a Special Forces squad back inside Point Blanc in a stealth mission to rescue his friends and stop Dr. Greif's plans.


The truck driver calls an ambulance for Alex who is taken to a hospital, which is reported to Dr. Greif and Eva. Eva is tasked to make sure Alex dies, to which she watches him flatline in hospital, which Kyra learns of over the radio. Once Eva leaves, Alex is given the all-clear by MI6 and stops faking being dead. At a mission briefing, Alex tells Mrs. Jones he wants to go back to the school to save the students since he knows the layout; Mrs. Jones originally refuses but with the help of Wolf and his team, she agrees to it. At MI6 HQ, they learn that Parker isn't actually who he says he is, but seemingly a clone of Dr. Greif who has undergone extensive surgery and bone restructure in order to look and sound like the real Parker. The same is for the female students, whose genes were spliced to create female clones of Dr. Greif. Yassen speaks with SCORPIA and tells them he plans to kill those involved so that he and the group he is in contact with are not discovered. Parker is interrogated by Alan Blunt and Smithers in order to get a voiceprint. They then contact Dr. Greif using Parker's modulated voice to tell him there's nothing to worry about. Alex, dubbed "Cub", and Wolf's team secretly break into Point Blanc and detain the clones. They are discovered and a firefight breaks out. Dr. Greif tells Eva to take one original child alive and destroy all evidence, that they will start again. She discovers the original teenagers have escaped their cells; Kyra heard a message over the radio from Alex to break them out. During the firefight, Kyra tells Alex to follow him into a room, but she turns out to be a clone, and was a trap for Eva to try and kill Alex. A fire is created in the lab they fight in and an explosion kills Eva and wounds Alex. Dr. Greif is taken hostage, though refuses to give up who he works for. Alex returns home to Jack and Tom and the original teenagers are rescued too. The clones are taken into custody. However back at an empty Point Blanc, another Alex emerges.