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This is the sixth episode in the first season of Alex Rider.


As Tom lands in the crosshairs of the conspiracy behind Ian Rider's murder, Alex and Kyra find evidence of Dr. Greif's secret plan.


At breakfast, James returns to the group, now changed just like Arrash, Sasha and Laura. Kyra, realising she's next, tells Alex they need to escape now, but Alex still needs answers to his Uncle's death. In London, Tom gets a call from Roscorp for an interview and posts a picture of his location on Instagram. After class, Eva calls Kyra to her office but does not show up, instead escaping through the back door. Alex then heads to the basement where he finds files on him. He then finds the original versions of the Point Blanc students all locked up. They tell him that they have made copies of each one of them, and that they take over their lives. Alex tries to get help, but is captured by Dr. Greif and Eva. At Roscorp, Tom meets with Parker Roscoe and begins to interrogate him about "Alex Friend". Tom does not give him the information, so instead he and Mr. Langham use Tom's thumbprint to get the information from his phone. Jack gets a call from the school to see if they know where Tom is, and Jack notices the Instagram picture Tom took and warns MI6 where he is. A search party is sent out for Kyra and Alex is given a truth serum sedative, but still refuses to reveal his true identity. Alex learns that Dr. Greif and Eva have no idea who Ian Rider is, which confuses him. Knowing that Kyra would most likely return to her parents, Dr. Greif sets up a hit on her parents. Alex is then rescued by Kyra who states she followed her tracks back to the school to throw them off. Parker is then about to kill Tom when MI6 breaks in, arresting Parker. Mr. Langham, who went to scout the building originally, is then followed by Yassen. Tom tells Crawley that Roscorp knows who Alex is, and alerts Mrs. Jones. Alex decides to get help, and makes a makeshift snowboard out of an ironing board. He is chased down the mountain by the school guards, but ultimately escapes them. He finds his way onto a road where he is knocked down by a truck.