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Alan Blunt: Brooke is a devious man
Tulip Jones: It's what makes him so good at his job

Tulip Jones and Alan Blunt discuss Brooke's nature

Ethan Brooke is a character in the novel Snakehead.

Physical Attributes

Brooke is blind and has a seeing-eye dog named Garth present most of the time. He is described as "...a large man, in his mid fifties, with sand-colored hair and ruddy, weather-beaten cheeks..." He wears Armani sunglasses rather than the traditional glasses of a blind man.


In his earlier years, Brooke had been a soldier and then a lieutenant colonel with the commandos. Later in his career, a land mine in East Timor rendered him blind and the Covert Action Division (CAD) of the ASIS offered him a position. In the novel Snakehead, he was the Head of the ASIS CAD.

His second in command is Marc Damon.

Role in Series


In the novel Snakehead, Brooke attempted and succeeded in cocering Alex Rider to aid them in their efforts at ceasing the Snakehead's human smuggling routes into Australia.


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