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Hugo Grief: I was helped in all this by Eva Stellanbosch, who had also worked with me in the South African Government. She had worked in the SASS - our own secret service. She was one of their principal interrogators
Eva Stellanbosch: Happy days!

—Hugo Grief and Stellanbosch

Eva Stellenbosch is the secondary antagonist in Point Blanc. She is the vice-principal of Point Blanc Academy in the French Alps, and was formerly an interrogator for the South African Secret Police. She also plays a prominent role in the Alex Rider TV series, where she is the Dean of Students at Point Blanc.


Mrs Stellenbosch is described as having huge muscles and a facial structure that 'wasn't quite human', with lips jutting far past her nose. She has wisps of bright ginger hair and a high, domed forehead. She regularly smokes cigars. She was Miss South Africa in weightlifting for five years in a row (she possesses enough strength to bend a metal fire poker with her bare hands). She met Dr. Grief in South Africa and had known him for twenty-six years, and she now works as his personal assistant at the academy.

Along the way, they stop at a Paris hotel owned by Point Bland stay the night. Alex has dinner with Stellenbosch while she tells him about the academy, but she secretly has his glass of coke drugged and Alex falls unconscious in his room. She then has Alex photographed in a hidden laboratory so that a clone of Dr. Grief can one day be genetically altered to take his place in the 'Friend family'. The next day Stellenbosch takes Alex to meet Dr. Grief, but she later catches him trying to get onto the top floor of Point Blanc, which he had already been told was strictly forbidden. Eventually, when Alex frees the boys who had been kidnapped by Grief, Stellenbosch is informed by one of Grief's guards of the intrusion. She knocks Alex out cold with a single punch, and both she and Dr Grief interrogate him in his study. She physically torments Alex while Grief explains to him the Gemini Project, and when Alex is taken to hospital after trying to escape from Point Blanc, Stellenbosch is told by the doctors that Alex is dead (having had a serious accident whilst on skis). An SAS Attack Squad raids Point Blanc that night, and Alex is confronted by a furious Mrs Stellenbosch. Realising that she has been tricked, she fights Alex personally in the academy's dining room. She easily gains the upper hand due to her superior strength, but before she can kill Alex, Wolf bursts in to save him. Stellenbosch shoots Wolf three times, but luckily he isn't killed because he is wearing body-armour. Stellenbosch dies when Wolf fires his machine gun at her and sends her crashing through a window into the snow.


Dr. Grief: "You should be aware, Alex, that Mrs Stellenbosch has worked with me now for twenty-six years and that when I met her she had been voted Ms South Africa five years in a row."
Alex Rider: "A beauty contest?"
Dr. Grief: "The weight-lifting championships."-Hugo Grief explains Stellenbosch's skills to Alex Rider

Stellenbosch is an extremely proficient martial artist with a fighting style that emphasizes grappling moves before finishing off with a strike. Her combat skills were only shown on one occasion where she fights and easily overwhelms Alex Rider. She is also incredibly strong and immensely resilient as none of Alex Rider's strikes managed to daze her and she was shown to be strong enough to bend a metal poker with her bare hands and punch a hole through a wooden table in a single strike..

She is also a skilled marksman, shown to be competent at short-range targeting, once again only seen once where she fatally injures Wolf, this being her final mistake.

Differences in the TV series

Eva, portrayed by Romanian Ana Ularu, appears like a much more normal woman than she is depicted in the books. Although she is generally skilled martially, she doesn't compare to the book version. Further, while she did work with Dr. Greif in South Africa, she won no weight-lifting awards.

Ride to the school

Alex first comes to her attention thanks to an MI6 cover story about Alex being the troubled son of Sir David Friend who was kicked out of a specialist school on the first day. Although she is cautious of revealing her plan, Dr. Greif overrides her, since they need a full eight students in any event. Eva is then dispatched to interview Alex, where she puts on a show about Alex "channeling" his anger at Point Blanc, and invites him to the school.

At the school, Eva is much harsher with Alex, taking his phone and punishing him when he plays music, even hitting him when he acts flippantly toward Dr. Greif. As Point Blanc's cover begins to unravel in the outside world, Eva and Dr. Greif accelerate their plans. Eva kidnaps James to be replaced with a clone, and when Dr. Baxter is killed by Dr. Greif, Eva disposes of his body. When Eva tries to replace Kyra however, she escapes and Alex goes into hiding, although Eva soon captures Alex.

In captivity, Eva drugs Alex and tries to interrogate him, but he resists the drugs and refuses to reveal anything, baffling Eva. With Eva on the loose, Greif and Eva reason that she might flee to her parents, so they arrange for their deaths to prevent it. However, Kyra frees Alex and he escapes the facility, ending up getting hit by a truck on a road close to the nearest town. Eva goes after Alex, and sees him flat-line in the hospital, so she assumes he has died — in reality, this was a trick by MI6 to fool her.

"We must save the dream"

After reporting back to Dr. Greif, Greif plans to kill the original children soon. Unfortunately for Greif and Eva, MI6 raids their facility before they can finish their plans, so Dr. Greif orders Eva to destroy everything, kill the originals, and take only a single hostage. However, when she arrives at the originals' prison cells, she finds the cells empty. Panicking, she orders the Kyra doppelgänger to trick Alex into coming to her. Once there, she seeks her revenge against Alex, viciously attacking him. She nearly manages to kill him, but an exploding gas tank kills her before she can.

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