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When she wasn't quoting opera, she was boasting about her lifestyle, her wealth, her holidays around the world. At the same time, she made it clear how much she disliked Alex. She'd asked him several times what he was really doing at Haverstock Hall. Alex shrugged and said nothing - which made her dislike him all the more

—Fiona's arrogance and superiority

Fiona Friend is a minor character appearing in the second Alex Rider novel, Point Blanc. She is the fifteen year old daughter of Sir David Friend, a billionaire who takes Alex Rider in for a week so Alex could infiltrate the Point Blanc Academy under the guise of his son.


She was going to be beautiful. That much was certain. Trouble was, she already knew it. When she looked at Alex arrogance flashed in her eyes

—Alex's first opinion of Fiona

Fiona is described as being tall and well-shaped, with pale skin, black hair, and dark eyes, “closer to the woman she would become than the girl she had been.” She attends private school, and is home for her Easter holiday when she meets Alex. She starts off by hating Alex and then loves him after he saves her from the train in the tunnel.


Fiona is the vain, spoilt and arrogant daughter of Sir David Friend. She is the result of growing up in an upper-class lifestyle. She is very extremely selfish and inevitably snobbish, immediately disliking Alex Rider for being a Londoner.

Point Blanc

Fiona takes an immediate disliking to Alex as soon as he arrives at their family home in Lancashire, saying that having to pretend he is her brother is a “ghastly” notion. She makes no attempt to help him feel welcome, and spends her time with him bragging about her wealth, lifestyle, and holidays around the world, all the while making it clear how she thinks Alex is stupid and a waste of her time - for instance, she says that she doesn't like sharing the pool with "nasty city boys".

Fiona invites him to hunting and shooting with her and her friends, Alex reluctantly agreeing. After a while, annoyed at the way they laugh at him and the brutality he witnesses, he leaves, only to be chased and shot at by the group. Rufus, Fiona’s boyfriend, claims Fiona put them up to it. When Alex returns to the house and sees Fiona, she says it was just a “game” and walks away without apologizing. Later, Alex and Fiona go riding, and Fiona takes a short cut through a single train tunnel, Alex reluctantly following her as he couldn’t find his way back to the house without her. As they race through the tunnel, Fiona falls off her horse after losing her balance when a cobweb hits her in the face. Alex races back to her and discovers she’s broken her ankle. As he helps her up, he feels a vibration letting him know the train is on its way. They just make it out of the tunnel, the train barely missing them, and they fall into the river. After climbing out, Fiona apologises to Alex for her treatment of him because he saved her, that's when her shirt falls open and she suddenly gains a romantic interest in Alex. She tells Alex that he may kiss him for which Alex politely refuses and he says that he would rather kiss the horse that had saved him . However, as Alex leaves the home Fiona walks out determined to cause trouble one last time, forcing Alex to knock her unconscious before she blows his cover to Mrs. Stellenbosch.

Differences in the TV series

Season One

Fiona's involvement differs from the Point Blanc novel in that she shows no outward hostility to Alex at first, initially toying with him and trying to "help" by spilling all her family secrets to him at dinner, such as her own drug charges, her father's near-miss with fraud charges, and her mother being sedated while at dinner. That morning, she and her boyfriend ("Rafe" in the TV series) invite Alex to go hunting, but rather than Alex leaving initially, Alex never meets up with Fiona and her friends at all; they instead start shooting at him straightaway. Alex is forced to take cover under some brambles so that he can ambush and disarm them all. At gunpoint, Fiona protests that it was all a game, but Alex simply leaves in anger. He never does save her from a train or get propositioned by her, because she goes directly to the mansion to blow Alex's cover. Before she can, she is sedated by an MI6 agent, rather than knocked out by Alex himself.


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