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For a time it looked as if the whole city of Chennai could have been affected. Fortunately it wasn't as bad as that, but a lot of people were killed in the panic. First Aid were up and running the very next day, getting anti-radiation stuff to the women and kids, helping with supplies, that sort of thing. Nobody was quite sure how they got off the mark so quickly but that's how they work. Instant response. Their aim is to be the first charity in

—Edward Pleasure describes First Aid using the nuclear reactor incident in Jowada for example

First Aid is a bogus charity organization that appeared in the novel Crocodile Tears.[1]


First Aid was created and run by Desmond McCain.[1] It seemingly aimed to be the first to respond to international disasters while in reality McCain procured most of the donations for his own personal gain. Some of the crises were even engineered just for the money that could be collected out of it, such as the nuclear explosion in India.[1]

When McCain was killed in the end of Crocodile Tears,[1] it was never stated whether or not the organization was disbanded.


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