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The First Confrontation between Alex Rider and Julius Grief was a minor conflict depicted in Point Blanc in which the latter attempted to kill the former for dismantling the Gemini Project.


We've traced all fifteen of them, and we have them under lock and key. They were quietly arrested by the intelligence services of each country where they lived. We‟ll take care of them.

—- Mrs Jones debriefs Alex following the assault on Point Blanc

After returning from the mission to liberate the hostages Grief had held in his academy, Alex is told by Mr Blunt and Mrs Jones that the clones which the deranged doctor had manufactured were all apprehended. He goes home, but nothing can prepare him for what happens next.

First clue of a strange event

I thought you'd just gone out.
Did you get the message by the phone?
What message?
Mr. Bray wants to see you this afternoon. Three o' clock at the school.

—- Jack and Alex converse

As he arrives home, Jack Starbright is surprised to see Alex, telling him she thought that he'd left the house. She adds that Mr. Bray, the principle of Brookland, wishes to see him at the institute at 3:00.

Second clue of a strange event

You again!
Hello, Bernie
On your way to see Mr. Bray?

—- Bernie and Alex converse

As he arrives at Brookland, Alex sees the caretaker, who evinces surprise, implying he had seen Alex prior. However, the boy spy passes this off yet again, with Mr. Lee asking him if he's going to see the principle. Alex tells him he will go and meet Mr. Bray.

Meeting with 'the principle'

I've been looking forward to this.
What are you doing here? It's all over. The Gemini Project is finished. You might as well turn yourself in. You need help.
I need just one thing. I need to see you dead. I'm going to shoot you. I'm going to do it now. You killed my father!
Your father was a test tube You never had a mother or a father. You're a freak. Handmade in the French Alps, like a cuckoo clock. What are you going to do when you've killed me? Take my place? You wouldn't last a week. You may look like me, but too many people know what Grief was trying to do. And I'm sorry, but you've got 'fake' written all over you.
We would have had everything! We would have had the whole world! I don‟t care what happens to me just so long as you're dead.

—- Alex Rider and Julius Grief argue

Despite the signs of something weird happening, Alex heads to Mr Bray's office. He does not see the principle, but rather a copy of himself - the sixteenth clone who had evaded capture. Despite being told that the project was under investigation, Julius does not care - he only wants to see Alex dead.

The fight

As Julius tried to shoot Alex, both locked eyes and Rider realised his clone couldn't bring himself to do the deed. It was as though he were shooting himself. Alex had left the door open and dived back into the corridor. Suddenly the gun discharged, missing him with inches to spare. Alex rolled away as a second bullet razed the floor. He runs away as fast as possible, a third shot chasing him and smashing a window next to him. He reaches the stairs and, rather than cross the school yard, enters the lab.

The laboratory was long and rectangular, divided into workstations with Bunsen burners, flasks, and dozens of bottles of chemicals spread out on shelves that stretched the full length of the room. There was another door at the far end. Alex dived behind the farthest desk. Would his double have seen him come in? Might he be looking for him, even now, out in the yard? Cautiously, Alex poked his head over the surface, then ducked down as four bullets ricocheted around him, splintering the wood and smashing one of the gas pipes. Alex heard the hiss of escaping gas. Then there was another gunshot and an explosion that hurled him backward, sprawling onto the floor. The last bullet had ignited the gas. Flames leapt up, licking at the ceiling. At the same time, the sprinkler system went off, spraying the entire room. Alex tracked back on his hands and feet, searching for shelter behind fire and water, hoping the other Alex would be blinded. His shoulders hit the far door. He scrambled to his feet. There was another shot. But then he was through—with another corridor and a second flight of stairs straight ahead. The stairs led nowhere. He was halfway up before he remembered. There was a single classroom at the top that was used for biology. It had a spiral staircase leading to the roof. The school had so little land that they‟d planned to build a roof garden. Then they‟d run out of money. There were a couple of greenhouses. Nothing more. There was no way down! Alex looked over his shoulder and saw the other Alex reloading his gun, already on his way up. He had no choice. He had to continue even though he would soon be trapped. ALEX RIDER SERIES POINT BLANK He reached the biology classroom and slammed the door shut behind him. There was no lock, and the tables were all bolted into the floor. Otherwise he might be able to make a barricade. The spiral staircase was ahead of him. He ran up it without stopping, through another door and onto the roof. Alex stopped to catch his breath and see what he could do next. He was standing on a wide, flat area with a fence running all the way around. There were half a dozen terra-cotta pots filled with earth. A few plants sprouted out, looking more dead than alive. Alex sniffed the air. Smoke was curling up from the windows two floors below, and he realized that the sprinkler system had been unable to put out the fire. He thought of the gas, pouring into the room, and the chemicals stacked up on the shelves. He could be standing on a time bomb! He had to find a way down. But then he heard the sound of feet on metal and realized that his double had reached the top of the spiral staircase. Alex ducked behind one of the greenhouses. The door crashed open. Smoke followed the fake Alex out onto the roof. He took a step forward. Now Alex was behind him. “Where are you?” the fake Alex shouted. His hair was soaked and his face contorted with anger. Alex knew his moment had come. He would never have a better chance. He ran forward. The other Alex twisted around and fired. The bullet creased his shoulder, a molten sword drawn across his flesh. But a second later he had reached him, grabbing him around the neck with one hand and seizing hold of his wrist with the ALEX RIDER SERIES POINT BLANK other, forcing the gun away. There was a huge explosion in the laboratory below and the entire building shook, but neither of the boys seemed to notice. They were locked in an embrace, two reflections that had become tangled up in the mirror, the gun over their heads, fighting for control. The flames were tearing through the building. Fed by a variety of chemicals, they burst through the floor, melting the asphalt. In the far distance, the scream of fire engines penetrated the sun-filled air. Alex pulled with all his strength, trying to bring the gun down. The other Alex clawed at him, swearing—not in English but in Afrikaans. The end came very suddenly. The gun twisted and fell to the ground. One Alex lashed out, knocking the other one down, then dived for the gun. There was another explosion, and a sheet of chemical flame leapt up. A crater had suddenly appeared in the roof, swallowing up the gun. The boy saw it too late and fell through. With a yell, he disappeared into the smoke and fire. One Alex Rider walked over to the hole and looked down. The other Alex Rider lay on his back, two floors below. He wasn‟t moving. The flames were closing in. The first fire engines had arrived at the school. A ladder slanted up toward the roof. ALEX RIDER SERIES POINT BLANK A boy with short fair hair and brown eyes, wearing a Gortex jacket, T-shirt, and jeans, walked to the edge of the roof and began to climb down.


With the Gemini Project disassembled and Julius apparently killed, Alex returned to his normal life - part-time schoolboy, part-time spy kid. It would not be until SCORPIA's third attempt to change the world that he realised the clone was still alive, culminating in a second encounter between both boys.