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These people wouldn't describe themselves as terrorists. They would probably prefer you to think of them as Eco-warriors, fighting to protect the Earth from the evils of pollution. Broadly speaking, they're protesting against climate change, the destruction of the rainforest, the use of nuclear power, genetic engineering and the growth of the multinational business. All very condemnable, you might think. Their agenda is similar to that of Greenpeace. The difference is that these people are fanatics. They will kill anyone who gets in their way; they have already killed many times. They claim to respect the planet but they have no respect of human life

—Max Webber discusses Force Three

Force Three is a group of eco-terrorists that appear in the novel Ark Angel, and their name refers to Earth being the third planet from the Sun. They will kill anyone who gets in their way of protecting the Earth. However, Force Three was created by Nikolei Drevin to act as a scapegoat for his plan to destroy the Pentagon in Washington. The group is made up of five assassins, four of which are unnamed; Alex Rider calls them Combat Jacket, Silver Tooth, Steel Watch and Spectacles after their distinguishing features. The fifth assassin is Kaspar, the leader of Force Three.

The group was first mentioned in Max Webber's speech in London. " Find Force Three," he said. " Find them before they do any further harm." After killing him with a cell phone bomb, Force Three contacts the press and claims responsibility for the murder, stating that " Webber has declared war on Force Three. For that reason, he had to die."

Force Three are first seen when they try to kidnap Drevin's son, Paul, in hospital. The reason for this is because Force Three are supposed to have a grudge against Drevin, due to the fact that he exploits the natural world for his own personal gain. Drevin sent them to kidnap his son in order to make himself seem like the victim. However, Alex Rider happens to be in the same hospital (after receiving a bullet wound at the end of the novel Scorpia) and he interferes by posing as Paul. After Force Three discover that Alex isn't Paul, Kaspar threatens to kill him and the group of assassins lock him in a burning building. Alex manages to escape unharmed.

Force Three are seen again when the star player of Drevin's Stratford East soccer team, Adam Wright, loses a major match during penalties. The assassins pretend to be fans of Wright and give him a fancy necklace to wear. However, Wright is unaware that the necklace is made of a special corrosive metal which reacts explosively with water, and when he steps into the shower, it burns a hole in his chest and kills him.

Force Three are seen one last time when Drevin invites them onto his island, Flamingo Bay. Alex had been captured previously by Drevin, and he explains to Alex the role that Force Three have played in his scheme. Drevin then prepares to create the final piece of evidence to prove that Force Three were trying to assault him - he orders his head of security, Magnus Payne (who is really Kaspar in disguise) to kill the four other assassins to make it look like they were planning an attack on Flamingo Bay, but were supposedly gunned down by Drevin's guards. With this, Payne coldly shoots the four other members of Force Three with a Mini-Uzi machine gun.