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Frederick Grey is one of the major characters in the twelfth Alex Rider novel, Nightshade. He is stated to be very similar to Alex Rider. He was 14 years old at the time of Nightshade.

Early Life

Freddy was an only child, his parents Sir Christopher and Lady Susan believed he died in a boating accident at age 4.

Not long before his 5th birthday his family went on holiday to Devonshire with their nanny Jenny. On the 3rd day Freddy and Jenny hired a boat, that was later found upturned, although Freddy’s body was not found it was assumed that they both drowned. In fact Freddy had been kidnapped by Nightshade.

Training with Nightshade

Freddy was raised by nightshade alongside 24 other kidnapped children. They were brainwashed by nightshade and forced to forget their names and families. The children were given numbers, Freddy became known as number Nine. The children were trained in many fields including languages and combat.

Never Say Die

Frederick Grey makes a brief appearance in Never Say Die, where he appears in MI6's file labelled, "Nightshade." He is said to be an agent taken in by Nightshade, a mercenary group. Grey turned to be a killer, working in various fields. He was captured and sent to Gibraltar. He was to be examined by his parents who were, of course, shocked when they discovered that their son was found again when he was 14, though Grey had zero recollection of his parents and didn‘t talk to them.


  • His fingerprints were destroyed with acid.
  • He is proficient in krav maga, ninjitsu, muay thai and at least three other lethal martial arts.
  • He never said a word when subjected to intense interrogation.

He killed four agents after being apprehended.


  1. In Never Say Die his parents are named Sir William and Caroline Grey, yet in Nightshade they are renamed Sir Christopher and Lady Susan Grey
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