Alex Rider Wiki

Throughout the stories, Alex Rider has always been provided with many various gadgets to help him with his missions. This is a common theme in the books, whether he is officially employed by MI6 (as is the case in Stormbreaker) or even when he embarks on a personal mission (like he does in Eagle Strike). Gadgets are sometimes instrumental to help him defeat the antagonists he encounters.

List of gadgets

Story Item Function Fate
Stormbreaker Yo-yo Grappling hook Used to hook Alex onto the plane that Mr Grin flies to London
Acne cream Dissolves metal Used to destroy the structural supports of the man-of-war fishtank, and also used later in Point Blanc.
Nintendo Gameboy
  • Transmitter
  • Smoke screen
  • Surveillance device
  • Microphone
  • Bug detector
  • Transmitter: Used to send a picture of a drawing that Ian Rider composed to MI6
  • Smoke screen: Used to blind Mr Grin, who crashes his plane
Point Blanc Acne cream Dissolves metal The remainder of the acne cream issued in Stormbreaker, used to destroy a lock allowing access to a crane which Alex uses to seize Skoda's boat, which is then dropped into a police conference building
Ear stud A miniature grenade Used to destroy a cell door
Ski suit Deflects bullets Used to stop the guards' gun attacks during the escape
Ski goggles Has infrared vision Used to escape from the academy
Sony Discman Diamond-edged buzzsaw Used to cut an ironing board into an improvised snowboard
Harry Potter book Tranquiliser dart concealed in the spine Used to neutralise Fiona Friend before she can compromise the truth about Alex
Skeleton Key Game Boy Advance Geiger counter Used by Tom Turner and Belinda Troy to detect nuclear radiation
Cell phone Contains a tranquiliser dart Used to put a guard to sleep on the Mayfair Lady
Chewing gum Destroys metal Used to destroy a pair of handcuffs which Sarov restrained Alex with
Michael Owen keyring Flashbang grenade Used to briefly stun General Sarov and Conrad allowing Alex to escape to the airport
Heartbeat sensor Although it's not issued to Alex, it's used by Sarov and Conrad to detect the heart pace, which foiled Alex's escape
Eagle Strike Bicycle
  • Heat-seeking missiles
  • Oil slick
  • Flare launcher
  • Smoke screen
  • Ejector saddle
  • Bulletproof tyres
  • Magnetic clips
Cycling vest Bulletproof Stops a bullet that Cray fired at Alex
Scorpia Mouth brace Activates a signal that alerts the SAS to Alex's location Destroyed by Nile when Julia Rothman finds out about Alex's betrayal
Ark Angel Insect spray Attracts swarms of insects
Snakehead Watch Homing beacon Homing beacon removed by Ash
Coins Exploding coins with the denomination determining the intensity of the explosion
  • One baht
  • Five baht
  • Ten baht
  • One baht used to distract a guard in the organ transplant centre
  • Five baht used to destroy the reefers on the Liberian Star
  • Ten baht used to destroy the container lock on the Liberian Star
Belt Jungle survival gear Stolen by Ash
Crocodile Tears Eraser Memory stick Used to copy data from Straik's computer system
Gel pens Explosive gel pens One pen used to set McCain alight before he can shoot Alex
Pencil sharpener Knife with a diamond blade Used to cut open a guard's suit in the Poison Dome
Pocket calculator Camera jammer and communicator
Pencil case Swipe card that opens any door and a reprogrammer
Scorpia Rising
Never Say Die Laptop Has an explosive device Used to distract Grimaldi henchmen while Alex sneaks onto a boat owned by the brothers