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You have to understand, Alex, that's the sort of men he was. One day I want to tell you about him - not just this. He believed passionately in what he was doing. Serving his country. I know that sounds naive and old-fashioned. But he was a solider through and through. And he believed in good and evil. I don't know how else to put it. He wanted to make the world a better place

—Tulip Jones about Sir Graham Adair

Sir Graham Adair appears only in the novel Scorpia.


Adair was a high ranking civil servant for many years. He was Permanent Secretary to the Cabinet Office at the time of the Scorpia Crisis. He was opposed to the views of Mark Kellner who was his rival, the Prime Minister's Communications Director and he viewed Kellner as an idiot. He worked closely with Alan Blunt and the Prime Minister during this crisis.

He had a son called George Adair who was kidnapped by SCORPIA more than a decade prior to the events of Scorpia. He was exchanged with SCORPIA for John Rider. George was returned safely but Rider was supposedly assassinated by MI6. In reality, Rider's death was faked to allow him to escape to a new life.

Personal life

He met with Alan Blunt once a month to discuss National Security matters, he also played bridge with Blunt and they both belonged to the same club.

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