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It looks as if Mr Bulman got what every journalist wants. A scoop

Desmond McCain's words as Bulman's dead body is dragged away

Harold "Harry" Bulman is a minor character in Crocodile Tears.


A freelance journalist who served in the SAS, Bulman spends most of his time writing stories focusing on the secret services, and had discovered information about Alex Rider's actions during his missions against Herod Sayle, Damian Cray and Winston Yu (It is not specified whether he was unaware of Alex's other assignments or simply chose to focus on those when addressing Alex).

Role in Series

Crocodile Tears

Confronting Alex about the truth, he offered to share the profits in a book he was planning to publish about Alex's missions, claiming to be impressed with Alex's heroics but disgusted at how MI6 had used him. In reality however, Bulman is largely self-centred and cares only about the money he would make from such an article. Alex refused, and contacted MI6, who (amongst other things) erased all of Bulman's financial and personal records, then made new records appear as though he was an escaped Broadmoor inmate named Jeremy Harwood who had killed Bulman. Harold was released, under the condition that he never speak of Alex again.


Subsequently unable to make money from his article, Bulman instead sold his information about Alex to Desmond McCain. When he attempts to negotiate a higher price for his information McCain shoots Bulman dead, not solely because of his greed, but also because of McCain's fear that Bulman will expose his plans.


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