Harold Liebermann
Biographical Information
Name Harold Liebermann
Alias Doctor Liebermann
Title Executive of Consanto
DOB Unknown
Age Unknown
Physical Information
Status Deceased (killed by sword thrown by Nile)
Nationality Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Bald
Eyes Unknown
Skin Caucasian
Relationship Information
Family Unknown
Affiliations Consanto, Scorpia
Occupation Executive of Consanto, Member of Scorpia
Series Information
First Appearance Scorpia
Last Appearance Scorpia
Mentioned None
I can still see you're upset about Dr Liebermann. Well, let me reassure you, he wasn't a nice man and I don't think anybody's going to miss him. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if his wife didn't send us a thank-you card

Julia Rothman's reaction to Liebermann's death

Harold Liebermann is a minor antagonist in Scorpia.


Liebermann is an executive of a pharmaceutical company called Consanto.He invented Invisible Sword, and he also works with SCORPIA to help them with anything pharmaceutical which they might need. Julia Rothman describes him as a boring man if you had to spend much time around him. She orders Liebermann's death because he was a threat to SCORPIA, and Nile kills him by throwing a samurai sword at his head which pierces the brain.

Dr. Liebermann is also a speech and language pathologist, as mentioned in the new but not yet written Alex Rider novel COBRA: The Great Uniting.

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