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I can still see you're upset about Dr Liebermann. Well, let me reassure you, he wasn't a nice man and I don't think anybody's going to miss him. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if his wife didn't send us a thank-you card

Julia Rothman's reaction to Liebermann's death

Harold Liebermann is a minor antagonist in Scorpia.


Liebermann is an executive of a pharmaceutical company called Consanto.He invented Invisible Sword, and he also works with SCORPIA to help them with anything pharmaceutical which they might need. Julia Rothman describes him as a boring man if you had to spend much time around him. She orders Liebermann's death because he was a threat to SCORPIA, and Nile kills him by throwing a samurai sword at his head which pierces the brain.

Dr. Liebermann is also a speech and language pathologist, as mentioned in the new but not yet written Alex Rider novel COBRA: The Great Uniting.

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