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Heist is the sixth episode of the second series of Alex Rider, and the fourteenth episode overall.


Alex, Tom, and Kyra journey to Amsterdam to infiltrate the heart of Damian Cray’s operation. Meanwhile, The Department turns its scrutiny on Cray’s forthcoming meeting with the President of the United States.


In Amsterdam, Alex, Tom, and Kyra research how they will infiltrate Craystar — the only place where it is possible to access the redacted code from Feathered Serpent.

They are eventually able to infiltrate the building using a master key card created from a driver entering and leaving the building. Alex and Kyra sneak into a truck heading for the facility.

Meanwhule, MI6 look into a dinner hosted by Damian Cray, hoping to find any links to SCORPIA. Damian becomes increasingly concerned about MI6's snooping, fearing that they will compromise his plans. He consults Yassen for help.

Inside of the building, Alex and Kyra are able to download the code but are interrupted when Damian returns before they are able to finish the download; the two hide in the interim.

MI6 evebtually finds ties between the head of Damian's security and SCORPIA based on evidence placed by Yassen.

Damian, on the other hand, admits to Charlie that he ordered the hit on Sabina's father, Ed. Charlie refuses to tag along with Damian and his plans, however and tries to leave. Damian tries to shoot Charlie but is interrupted by Alex; nonetheless, Charlie is eventually shot and killed by Damian anyway.