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Damian Cray: I don't think you've met Henryk
Alex Rider: I don't think I want to
Damian Cray: You mustn't be a bad loser, Alex. Henryk is very valuable to me. He flies jumbo jets

Damian Cray to Alex Rider about Henryk

Henryk is a minor antagonist in Eagle Strike.

Henryk is a short and ugly man, employed by Damian Cray as his personal pilot. Henryk aids Cray in his Eagle Strike scheme by piloting Air Force One after Cray's men take control of the aircraft. During the takeoff, Alex Rider and Sabina Pleasure manage to kill Cray by pushing him on a metal trolley into one of the jet turbines. The trolley tears up the engine and causes the plane to go out of control. Henryk has no choice but to abort the takeoff, and the plane topples over due to the sudden imbalance. Later on, Alex is told by Mrs. Jones that Henryk broke his neck when the plane crashed, killing him.

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